Why is Takarazuka famous?

Before becoming a member of the troupe, a young woman must train for two years in the Takarazuka Music School, one of the most competitive of its kind in the world. The school is famous for its strict discipline and its custom of having first-year students clean the premises each morning.

What is the Takarazuka effect?

Because Takarazuka fans seem so passionate about their favorite actresses, Western scholars who study Takarazuka often describe it as a “lesbian” phenomenon, while Japanese scholars, fans, and actresses alike insist that there is no romantic attraction at work.

How do I join Takarazuka?

To become a Takarazuka performer, girls between the ages of 15 and 18 face a rigorous audition process for entry into the prestigious Takarazuka Music School. Every year thousands of hopefuls try their luck — only 50 make the grade.

How long is a Takarazuka performance?

Each performance, at either the Takarazuka Grand Theater or the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, consists of a play (of about 90 minutes) and a revue (of about 60 minutes). In the finale, the stars descend the grand staircase in what is known as the “parade.”

How do I get Takarazuka tickets?

-National tour ticket sales are usually done a little differently. You typically cannot buy them at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater box office. They are usually available either via a service like Ticket Pia or at each individual venue’s box office. Contact the venue for details.

Where can I watch Takarazuka?

Some Takarazuka fans will stream musicals (often with fan-made subtitles) occasionally. They can be found on Tumblr and other social media sites. Takarazuka musicals uploaded onto YouTube will be taken down – Hankyu Corporation (Takarazuka revue’s parent company) does not take copyright infringement lightly.

Are there any female kabuki actors?

Actors who play female roles in Kabuki are called onnagata. Although there are some who act both male and female characters with great skill (kaneru yakusha), there are many important roles that call for true specialists.

What is the female role in kabuki?

The onnagata actors who play female roles in Kabuki do not imitate actual women; they create an on-stage image of a woman through the power of their art. There are a variety of female roles, including lively young women, noble princesses, unpretentious wives of townsfolk, and resolute women from samurai families.

Can females perform Kabuki?

However, for all the forward steps, women are still banned from performing in kabuki on the bigger stages. In early forms of kabuki, theatres would have all-female performances known as “onna kabuki” and all-male ones known as “yaro kabuki”.

Are there female actresses in kabuki?

What is Takarazuka Theatre?

The theatre puts on massive, colorful, Broadway-style productions of Western musicals and famous Japanese plays. All roles are played by women, and these “Takarasiennes” famously claim to “sell dreams”. Two lead performers. (Photo: Takarazuka Revue Official Site) 7 Love Japan?

What is Takarazuka Revue?

Japan’s famous Takarazuka Revue ( 宝塚歌劇団) is an all-female musical theatre troupe based in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture. The theatre puts on massive, colorful, Broadway-style productions of Western musicals and famous Japanese plays.

Is Akira Takarazuka a female?

Otokoyaku Matsu Akira, who retired in 1982, stated: “Even though I am a female, the thing called ‘female’ just won’t emerge at all.” Although traditionally an all-female troupe, in 1946 the Takarazuka employed male performers who were trained separately from the female members of the troupes.

What is a Takarazuka performance called?

The women who play male parts are referred to as otokoyaku ( 男 役, “male role”) and those who play female parts are called “girl role” 娘 役 (musumeyaku). Collectively, the Takarazuka performers are called “Takarasiennes” ( takarajiennu ).