Are Phoenician grinders worth it?

In terms of aesthetics, the Phoenician grinder is the better grinder. It is a large, durable grinder with sharp teeth, and the ridges make it easy to use. We also believe the slot for the rolling papers is a cool touch. The Sabertooth is solidly designed and should last you for years.

Does Reformation have coupon codes?

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What are Phoenician grinders made of?

The bowl-like edge makes the removal of fine or powdery substances easier than ever. Now that we have done it, it would be crazy to do it any other way. All Phoenician Grinders are made using the highest grade 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum.

How long do Phoenician grinders take to ship?

We ship every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from California. Transit time is generally 2-5 business days.

Are Phoenician grinders good for herbs?

This means that Phoenician Grinders will not affect the overall integrity of the herbs you have. You can actually spend your money by consuming fewer herbs since the Phoenician Grinder helps you preserve the quality of your dry herb strains.

What are the sizes of Phoenician grinders?

Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece dry herb grinders come in these sizes. Small: 1.855″ – diameter, 2.225″ – height, 4.4 oz – weight. Medium: 2.470″ – diameter, 2.225″ – height 6.8 oz – weight.

What are the best-selling grinders?

Their best-selling grinders are some of our most sought-after products and we’re all but glad to help create a better standard for the industry by spreading original and authentic products from a company like Phoenician Grinders. The Phoenician Grinder – 4 Piece is the embodiment of what grinders are supposed to be.

What’s the difference between the limited edition collection and large Phoenician?

The Limited Edition Collection has all the same features as you know and love about Phoenician, with rare color variations on the outside. A one-of-a-kind premium 4-piece herb grinder with a built-in paper holder for easy rolling. The Large Phoenician was designed to perfectly fit your favorite 1/4 inch rolling papers.