Are Winston Blue strong?

Filters – a little softer version of the classic flavour, the pack design is decorated in red and white, the taste is strong. It contains 8 mg of tar and 0.6 mg nicotine.

Are Winston cigarettes blue?

Winston Blue are one of the best selling cigarettes due to reasonable price-quality ratio. Stylish package design and unique smoke make them the best choice for social smokers. Each cigarette contains 8 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine and has a smooth tobacco taste.

What are the different types of Winston cigarettes?


  • Winston Red (Full Flavor) – Kings, 100s.
  • Winston Gold (Lights) – Kings, 100s.
  • Winston White (Ultra Lights) – Kings, 100s.
  • Winston Black (Bold) – Kings, 100s.
  • Winston Select – Kings.
  • Winston Xstyle – Kings.

Is Winston just tobacco and water?

The basic answer to your question is yes those brands are made of pure tobaccos. No flavorants or artificial ingredients are added so they are all natural tobaccos. But this is not to be confused with being a safer product.

Are Winston cigarettes high quality?

The founder of the brand is considered to be the corporation R.J. Reynolds, which has launched Winston cigarettes in 1875. Any admirer of Winston cigarettes notes the excellent quality of tobacco used in production and that the manufacturer pays special attention to the filter.

Are Winston’s 100% tobacco?

Thereafter, the disclosure must be included in all Winston advertising that represents (through such phrases as “no additives” or “100% tobacco”) that the product has no additives. The nationwide advertising campaign for “no additives” Winston cigarettes, launched in August 1997, is unusually extensive.

Why buy Winston Blue cigarettes online?

Winston Cigarettes has an aroma that would take you to the next level tobacco fantasy that you will enjoy to the fullest. I can’t designate you a true tobacco lover if you haven’t tried it yet. And if you haven’t tried Winston by now, it’s the perfect time to buy Winston Blue online.

What is blueblue Winston?

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Is it the perfect time to buy Winston Blue?

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What is bluewinston?

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