Can MSR fuel bottle hold gasoline?

So I went off of reviews from people saying they’ve used it for gasoline with no problems, and I purchased the bottle. What I discovered is it does carry unleaded gasoline just fine, with no leaking, no fumes…

Are Optimus and MSR fuel bottles interchangeable?

I have used both the 25.4 fluid ounce Optimus fuel bottle and the 30 fluid ounce MSR fuel bottle interchangeably. You can swap the fuel caps on the liquid fuel bottles as the treads are the same. Same for the isobutane-propane fuel canisters as they seem to be standard, regardless of the canister capacity.

How do you clean a gas bottle?

First, make sure you clean the bottle the best you can. Use soap, a brush and plenty of hot water to remove the smell of fuel. Take your time and do a good job before you check in – otherwise you’ll be looking for a new bottle when you get there.

How long does MSR fuel bottle last?

The 22oz usually last about 3-4 days cooking Breakfast and dinner for 4. When using for cooking, take cap and put in the stove bag right away to avoid gunking up the cap with dirt when you insert the fuel pump into the fuel bottle.

Are MSR bottles refillable?

Are camping fuel canisters refillable? No, backpacking fuel canisters, such as MSR’s IsoPro canisters, are not refillable. When buying fuel in a foreign country, ensure that the canisters you’re purchasing have not been used and refilled, as this practice can create a dangerous situation.

How do I reduce the pressure in my MSR fuel bottle?

how do you release the pressure in the MSR fuel bottle? Unscrew the cap. A betetr method however is to wrap something (like TP) around the cap first, then unscrew the cap. There will be some spray out from the thread region – always.

What fuel do MSR stoves use?

MSR recommends only using MSR IsoPro™ fuel with our stoves—because our stoves are specifically designed and tuned for it and thus will perform better. However, if MSR fuel is not available, any canister with an 80% isobutane / 20% propane fuel mix and certified to EN 417 should work.

Can you wash out a gas can with water?

If need be, rinse out with gas after cleaning and before using the can for storage. Add dish detergent or degreaser to the empty gas can. Fill halfway with hot water, and shake. Rinse out all lingering cleaner by filling the can with more water, shaking it, and dumping it.

How long will 8 oz of MSR fuel last?

How long will a canister of MSR IsoPro last? In general one 8 oz. canister of MSR IsoPro fuel will be sufficient to boil water for two people over four days in summer. Wind, low temperatures and longer cooking times will increase fuel consumption.

How long does 8 oz MSR can last?

According to Eastern Slopes, an 8 ounce canister of fuel can burn for about three hours, when using a variety of heat settings. If you always plan cranking the burner on high to boil water, the fuel canister will NOT last nearly as long.

What are MSR fuel bottles?

Specifically engineered to work with all MSR liquid-fuel stoves. These fuel bottles are designed specifically to accept the threads on MSR fuel pumps and to easily handle the pressurization you need to efficiently operate our liquid fuel stoves.

Do MSR stoves burn alcohol?

No, MSR stoves will not burn alcohol, and alcohol will damage MSR Fuel Bottles. What happens if water or snow gets inside the Reactor® stove burner head? Remove the fuel canister and simply shake out as much liquid/snow, etc. as possible.

What fuel pumps are compatible with MSR liquid fuel stoves?

MSR standard stove pumps (Grey and Red or Grey and Black) are compatible with all MSR liquid fuel stoves, except the DragonFly™ stove. DragonFly-specific pumps (Red and Red or Teal and Red) will only work with DragonFly stoves.

How do I lubricate the fuel line on my MSR stove?

A tube of Pump Cup Oil is included with every MSR stove. If you have an older model stove that did not come with Pump Cup Oil, you can purchase a tube of it at your local MSR dealer. You can also use saliva or any NON-petroleum based lubricant. It is important to lubricate the fuel line in order to protect the tube o-ring.