How did Ayaz Pasha died?

He died of plague in Istanbul and was buried in the Eyüp Sultan Mosque.

Who played Rustem Pasha?

actor Ozan Güven
In the acclaimed Turkish television series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, he is portrayed by actor Ozan Güven.

Who played Ibrahim Pasha?

actor Okan Yalabık
In the internationally popular Turkish television series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha is portrayed by actor Okan Yalabık. He appears as a unique Ottoman governor in the video game Civilization 6 in the Gathering Storm expansion.

Who was the most powerful Pasha?

Elmas Mehmed Pasha
Elmas Mehmed Pasha was appointed as the grand vizier on 2 May 1695 by the sultan Mustafa II. He was more successful than his immediate predecessors, and together with the sultan, he defeated Habsburg Empire in two battles, namely the Battle of Lugos and the Battle of Ulaş. He was not only a military leader.

Who killed Mustafa Sultan?

Death. One source states that Mustafa was executed by the orders of his nephew, Sultan Murad IV on 20 January 1639 in order to end the Ottoman dynasty and prevented to give power to his mother Kösem Sultan.

Who was sultan after Suleiman?

Selim II
Their son, Selim II, succeeded Suleiman following his death in 1566 after 46 years of rule. Suleiman’s other potential heirs, Mehmed and Mustafa, had died; Mehmed had died in 1543 from smallpox, and Mustafa had been strangled to death in 1553 at the sultan’s order.

Who was the most beautiful Ottoman princess?

Princess Niloufer
Her Highness Princess Nilüfer of Hyderabad, Princess of the Ottoman Empire
Born Nilüfer Hanımsultan4 January 1916 Göztepe Palace, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire (present day Istanbul, Turkey)
Died 12 June 1989 (aged 73) Paris, France
Burial Bobigny cemetery

Who plays Lütfi Pasha in Muhteşem Yüzyıl?

In the TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Lütfi Pasha is played by Turkish actor Mehmet Özgür . ^ Gawrych, G. (2006). The Crescent and the Eagle: Ottoman Rule, Islam and the Albanians, 1874–1913.

What does Lutfi Pasha stand for?

Lütfi Pasha ( Ottoman Turkish: لطفى پاشا ‎, Luṭfī Paşa; Modern Turkish: Lütfi Paşa, more fully Damat Çelebi Lütfi Paşa; c. 1488 – 27 March 1564, Didymoteicho) was an Ottoman Albanian statesman, general, and Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire under Suleiman the Magnificent from 1539 to 1541. Lütfi was an Albanian from Vlora.

Was Lütfi Pasha the future Grand Vizier of Turkey?

These references may well be to Lütfi Pasha, the future Grand Vizier, since the latter himself stated to have participated in both these campaigns (Lütfi Pasha, Tevârih-i ‘Al-i Osman, ed. Ali, İstanbul 1341/1922–3, 3).

Who was Ali Lutfi?

Lütfi was an Albanian from Vlora. He is thought to have been brought under Ottoman service as a devshirme, but there is also possibility that his Christian parents sent him in the Bayazid II ‘s harem-i hass, where he received a thorough indoctrination in Islam in order to advance in career.