How did Mami beat Homura?

She she instead aims for her leg with the intent to immobilize her. She turns off the time lock again so that the bullet will make contact but when it does, it turns out that the Mami in front of her was a ribbon clone that turns into a trap when damaged and captures homura.

What grade is Mami Tomoe in?

9th grade
The name “Mami” is also fairly common, and it is unlikely that it is of a foreign origin. There is also no implication of Mami being “much older,” the cannon information presented so far states that she is in 9th grade.

How old is Akemi Homura?

Homura Akemi
Age 14
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female
Species Unknown

What is the true rebellion in Madoka Magica?

There are many instances of rebellion throughout the movie: the Incubators against the Law of Cycles, Homura against the Incubators, Homura against the fate Madoka has chosen for her, etc. But the true Rebellion found in the title is not any of those: rather, it is against the entire idea of a magical girl system.

What does Homura do to Madoka in Madoka?

Grasping Madoka’s arms, Homura responds with a smile and an evil cackle. Much like the psychedelic sequence at the end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica episode twelve, Homura steals part of Madoka’s power and uses it to re-write a universe she likes better.

Does Mami Tomoe like Homura?

Mami Tomoe appears to be a very kind, gentle, and cheerful girl, as seen in ”I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore.” She also reveals to Madoka Kaname that she is lonely and she tells her how and why she became a magical girl. Mami is very nice to everyone but she seems to dislike Homura Akemi. In Rebellion, it’s seen that she took a liking to Bebe .

What if the Universe ran on Madoka’s rules?

If the Universe ran on Madoka’s rules, with Homura keeping the Incubator’s in check and able to share a life with Madoka, the only con would be Homura and Madoka having to start their friendship all over again.