How do I get Facebook API permissions?

Permissions are a form of granular, user-granted Graph API authorization. Before your app can use an endpoint to access an app user’s data, the app user must grant your app all permissions required by that endpoint. The easiest way to get permissions from app users is to implement Facebook Login.

Does Facebook run on JavaScript?

Supported Browsers The Facebook SDK for JavaScript supports the latest two versions of the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (including iOS), and Internet Explorer (version 11 only).

How can I use Facebook API Login?

  1. Enable JavaScript SDK for Facebook Login.
  2. Check Login Status of a Person.
  3. Log a Person In. A. Log In with the Login Button. Plugin Configurator. B. Log In with the Javascript SDK Login Dialog. Ask for Additional Permissions. Handle the Login Dialog Response.
  4. Log a Person Out.

How do I enable Login on Facebook?

Follow the steps below to add Facebook Login to your app.

  1. Login.
  2. Download the Facebook App.
  3. Integrate the Facebook SDK.
  4. Edit Your Resources and Manifest.
  5. Associate Your Package Name and Default Class with Your App.
  6. Provide the Development and Release Key Hashes for Your App.
  7. Enable Single Sign On for Your App.

How do I ask an app administrator for permissions on Facebook?


  1. go to :
  2. select your app on “My Apps” List.
  3. go to : Roles > Roles > Press Add for example administrator.
  4. Search your new admin/tester Facebook account.
  5. admin must enter facebook password to confirm.then submit.
  6. go to :

How do I embed JavaScript on Facebook?

Getting your Code from a Post

  1. Navigate to your Post. You can get the embed code directly from the post itself. If the post is public, click on the icon that appears in the top right corner of the post on Facebook.
  2. Copy and Paste Code. You will see a dialog appear with the code to embed your post in it.

What is the Facebook SDK for JavaScript?

A rich set of client-side functionality for adding Social Plugins, Facebook Login and Graph API calls. Learn how to use the JavaScript SDK. A list of all SDK methods. Try our examples for using the SDK: Trigger a Share dialog, Facebook Login and calling the Graph API. Learn about customizing options of the Facebook SDK for JavaScript.

What happens if the authresponse object is not present on Facebook?

If the authResponse object is not present, the user is either not logged into Facebook, or has not authorized your app. The most useful parts of the authResponse object are the userID (the user’s ID) and the accessToken. The access token can be used to make requests to the Facebook APIs on behalf of that user.

How do I make calls to the Facebook Graph API?

The method FB.api () lets you make calls to the Graph API. This is the Graph API endpoint path that you want to call. You can read the Graph API reference docs to see which endpoint you want to use. This is a required parameter. This is the HTTP method that you want to use for the API request.

Is it possible to run JavaScript in console when console is disabled?

Even if you disable Javascript in console, running javascript via address bar is still possible. and if the browser disables javascript at address bar, (When you paste code to the address bar in Google Chrome, it deletes the phrase ‘javascript:’) pasting javascript into one of the links via inspect element is still possible.