How do I get the activation code for GTA 5 PC?

Question: Where can I find the activation key for the PC copy of Grand Theft Auto V that I purchased from the Rockstar Store? Answer: The Rockstar Activation Code are automatically applied to the Social Club account used to purchase the game and your game will appear in under Games in the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Can GTA 5 be cracked?

No, you can’t play Grand Theft Auto: Online in cracked versions, because it uses official servers that handle the online gameplay. Moreover, it requires that you have a Social Club account that has a valid copy of the game, and cracked versions bypass that check with modified Social Club files.

How do I run cracked GTA 5?

Noob Install Guide for GTA V

  1. install the game to a drive with at least 70GB of free data.
  2. turn off your antivirus or else it will delete the crack.
  3. Install rockstar social club from the “Installers” folder that came with the crack/update.

Should I buy or pirate GTA 5?

If you want to play GTA 5 with your friends (online) then you should purchase the game. And if you want to play the game offline only then you should go for the pirates version.

How do you activate GTA 5?

Game Launcher Key Activation

  1. Log in to your Rockstar account via Rockastar Game Launcher.
  2. Navigate to the Store Tab.
  3. Select Redeem Code button.
  4. Enter your code and proceed with activation.

How to find Rockstar activation code?

How do I find my Rockstar code? Answer: You can usually find it in the Order Confirmation email that was sent to you when you submitted the order. If you do not have your Order Confirmation email, you can get your activation code by looking up your order on the Rockstar Warehouse.

How do I get a rockstar activation code?

Click “USE ROCKSTAR CODE” and enter your unique Rockstar Activation Code when prompted. Then click the “ACTIVATE” button. The site will ask you to confirm that you are activating GTAV for PC. Click the “CONFIRM” button.

Where is my Rockstar activation code?


  • You’ll find your Rockstar Activation Code on the left.
  • From your PC,click here to get started or choose the download below.
  • You will be prompted to sign in to your existing Rockstar Games Social Club account.
  • Click on “USE ROCKSTAR CODE” and enter your unique Rockstar Activation Code when prompted.
  • How to download GTA V for free PC?

    Visit the official website of Epic Games Store. Once you’re on the website,you’ll have to signup/login.

  • Download the Epic Games Launcher. You can download the launcher by clicking here.
  • You’ll see a promotional banner of GTA 5. Click on it and the Launcher will instruct you further.
  • Agree to any terms the game asks for and keep clicking “Next” on any prompt windows. Finally,wait for the download to finish.
  • Once the download’s over,you can start playing the game for free.