How do I practice PPDT in SSB?

You may take pictures from a newspaper, magazine, book, movie or just sit somewhere quietly and look around you and write a story on it, to practice PPDT and TAT. Stay calm and relaxed during these tests because stressing your mind would give less space to creativity.

How do you prepare for PPDT?

During group discussion, keep sitting straight and do not move back and forth, avoid touching and pointing others. Do not shout unless it is really required. Do not look at the assessors at any given point of time during PPDT. Try to help group to prepare a story, agree more and argue less.

How do you write a good PPDT story?

Give attention to the Instruction given by the assessor and always follow them. Always adopt a logical order while writing your story as it depicts you have clarity of thoughts. Try to give a simple theme to the story and avoid a complicated one. Give common names to your characters.

How do I mark a character in PPDT?

In 1 minute you have to write down the details like the gender of the characters you have seen, their age, mood, and circle the character you have seen first. All these details have to be marked inside the box printed on the sheet provided by SSB. Write M/F/P for male/female/person(if the gender is not clear).

How long is PPDT narration?

In this test, the candidates are shown a blurred picture for a period of 30 seconds. Based on that, candidates are allotted a time period of 4 minutes to write a story on the picture with details consisting of what had led to the situation, what is happening now and what will be the possible outcome.

Why PPDT test is done?

The PPDT is conducted to mainly test the communication skills of the candidates. The candidates are given time to think and note down the things they observe. After this, the candidates are asked to sit and discuss their understanding of the picture in a group.

How long is PPDT given?

How many stories are given in PPDT?

Candidates are assessed through a single story in PPDT while TAT requires 12 stories one after the other. PPDT is a part of SSB screening while TAT is a part of psychology testing. Specific instructions need to be followed for PPDT while that’s not the case in TAT.

What is a good score in OIR?

You can also ask OIR test questions from your friends who have already gone to the SSB center where you have to go. For a good impression, you have to score more than 80% on your OIR test.

What is PPDT SSB test?

As the name suggests, this test is about the perception of a given picture and then a discussion on it. In PPDT SSB, a blurred picture will be shown to the candidates for 30 seconds. After that, the candidates will be given 4 minutes to frame and write a story based on the picture.

What is the stage-I testing at SSB/AFSB?

Thus, the stage-I testing at the SSB / AFSB acts as a filter for the same. In this testing, you are required to go through the Intelligence Rating test, and the Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT). Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT): You are shown a picture on the screen which you are required to perceive correctly.

How to prepare for the screening test in SSB?

For many of the candidates who got screened out much time, this stage of SSB is quite difficult, so here are some of the tips to get prepared for the screening test in SSB. The first day of the SSB is your screening test, where the candidate has to attempt the questions. OIR (Officers Intelligent Test), picture perception, and discussion test.

What is PPDT and how to do it?

What is PPDT? PPDT stands for picture perception and discussion test, as the name suggests, you need to write a story on the picture shown, narrate it and then discuss among group members to make a common story. How to write a Story in PPDT?