How do you play 12 Pubs of Christmas?

For all those planning 12 pubs here are the 12 pubs of Christmas rules pub by pub:

  1. Nobody is allowed use their phone.
  2. Swap shoes with someone in the group before ordering your next drink.
  3. Bad hand to drink.
  4. No speaking.
  5. Can’t touch your own food or drink.
  6. You must speak in a foreign accent.

Is 12 pubs an Irish tradition?

The 12 Pubs of Christmas is a now yearly tradition in Ireland that has taken the country by storm in the past ten years or so. Anyone who thinks that the hardest thing about the night is to drink twelve pints should think again – it is abiding by all of the different rules in each pub that is the true challenge.

How do you prepare for a 12 pub?

Here are the 12 key tips to surviving the 12 Pubs of Christmas.

  2. 2) Keep hydrated.
  3. 3) Give yourselves enough time.
  4. 4) Plan a route.
  5. 5) Think about the weight of your Christmas jumper.
  6. 6) You don’t ACTUALLY have to have 12 drinks.
  7. 7) Don’t listen to anyone who says you’re being dry.
  8. 8) Choose your drink wisely.

Who invented 12 Pubs of Christmas?

The first known origins of the Twelves Pubs of Christmas dates back to 1991 when Gary Lavin and Paul Sheehan, proprietor of Sheehan’s Bar, Chatham Street, Dublin, Ireland, introduced the first crawl with about seven friends including David Wall, Michael McGill, Cormac Kissane, Robert Kennedy, Paul Kilmurray Victor …

What is the 12 pubs?

The 12 pubs of Christmas, or sometimes simply called 12 pubs, is the name of an annual drinking game where groups of friends gather together, don silly Christmas garb, and venture on routes around cities or towns in Ireland, stopping at (and drinking at) 12 pubs along the way.

What are the rules for Christmas in a pub?

Other Christmas related paraphernalia is encouraged. Think Santa hats, sleigh bells, twinkle lights, tinsel, etc. 3. One drink (usually a pint) must be consumed in each pub or bar.

What are the rules for drinking in pubs in the UK?

You must drink with the hand you don’t use. Easy to abide by, you’re only one drink in – Just don’t put your drink down so there’s no chance you’ll pick it up in the wrong hand to a chorus of shouts and screams from your friends. Did we mention there are penalties for breaking the rules. ‘Shot’ penalties. Oh dear! 2) ‘The Accent Pub’.

How many pubs are in the 12 days of Christmas?

A spin on the 12 days of Christmas the celebration involves 12 pubs, a group of friends, lots of drink, and a set of wacky rules. As you can imagine, 12 pubs and a lot of drink is a recipe for disaster but it could be the greatest night of the year.

What is the 12 pubs of Christmas in Ireland?

The 12 pubs of Christmas has become a rite of passage for anyone over the age of 18 in Ireland. It involves having a drink in a grand total of 12 pubs however, people don’t normally survive the night. To top it all off, with each pub there are certain rules thrown into the mix to get people drunker, even quicker.