How do you write a railway announcement?


  1. kindly attention the train number 12903 is coming on platform number 3.
  2. kindly attention train number 66 94 is arriving on platform number 4 on time.
  3. may I have your attention please the trains to Ahmedabad to Vadodara is cancelled due to rain.

Who announced in railway station?

A post that is going viral on social media has finally revealed the woman behind Indian Railways announcement. pull off the curtain from this mystery. According to the post Sarla Chaudhary is the voice behind the announcement that we hear on the platforms of the Indian railway.

In what order are the languages the station announcements are made?

The system, which runs on software specially designed for this purpose, auto-records an announcement, which is then translated by the specially developed software in six languages: English, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam.

What are the sounds in railway station?

Rail squeal is a sound caused by a train’s wheels slipping under specific conditions, usually in sharp curves. Air displacement of a train in a tunnel can create noise from turbulence. Trains also employ horns, whistles, bells, and other noisemaking devices for both communication and warning.

Who is Sarla Chaudhary?

Sarla Chaudhary, now 49, was one of the hundreds who gave the test for the post of announcer in Central Railway in 1982. Chaudhary was selected and she joined on daily wages basis. However, due to her hard work and soft voice, she was made permanent in 1986.

How do I get a job as a railway announcer?

Completion of 10+2. One must complete his or her 10+2 with minimum 50 per cent marks in order to make a career as announcer.

Who is the train voice?

Emma Clarke is the voice you hear if you travel on the Central, Bakerloo and Victoria Lines. Even though she’s not from London, actually living in Cheshire, Emma got the voiceover job 19 years ago, and her recordings are still used today.

Who was Sarla Chaudhary?

Sarala Devi Chaudhurani, born Sarala Ghosal, (9 September 1872 – 18 August 1945) was an educationist and political activist, who founded Bharat Stree Mahamandal in Allahabad in 1910. This was the first women’s organization in India.

What do they say on Japanese trains?

When a train is approaching, stations usually display 「電車がまいります」(“Densha ga mairimasu”) or 「電車がきます」 (“Densha ga kimasu”). This means “the train is coming”….Basic Japanese Vocabulary and Useful Sentences to Ride Japanese Train.

Romanized Japanese Japanese text English meaning
Deguchi 出口 Exit
Iriguchi 入口 Entrance

What are the warning written and announced on the railway station?

Smoking is prohibited in the railway station. We should not use the toilets while the train is stationary. Passengers should not travel on the roof of the trains. Passengers should not get down from a running train.

How do railway announcements work?

Railway announcements are made of a sentence and numbers. The announcer speaks the sentence “The new museum is worth visiting” which has 10 syllables. He then speaks the numbers from 0 to 9. If this is done properly, the system will calibrate itself with his voice.