How does XBee communicate?

XBee devices communicate with each other over the air, sending and receiving wireless messages. However, they can communicate with intelligent devices via the serial interface. XBee devices transmit data coming from the serial input over the air, and they send anything received wirelessly to the serial output.

How far can XBee communicate?

Regular, Pro and other things

XBee Device Range Protocol
XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna – Series 1 1 Mile 802.15.4
XBee Pro 900 RPSMA (retired) 6 Miles Multi-Point
XBee Pro 900 U.FL Connection (retired) 6 Miles Multi-Point
XBee Pro 900 Wire Antenna (retired) 6 Miles Multi-Point

How do I connect to XBee?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Plug your XBee into your XBee Explorer, and plug the Explorer into your computer.
  2. Open XCTU.
  3. Hit Test/Query to make sure you can communicate with your XBee WiFi.
  4. Click over to the “Modem Configuration” tab.
  5. Select “Active Scan” near the top of the scrolling window.

Does XBee need antenna?

XBee radios are equipped with an RP-SMA female plug, and the antenna is an RP-SMA male jack. This is another good option if your XBee is in a box and you want your antenna outside the box.

Why ZigBee is better than WiFi?

ZigBee’s data transfer speed is lower than WiFi’s, too. It’s maximum speed is just 250kbps, much lower than the lowest speed WiFi offers. ZigBee’s best quality is its low power-consumption rate and battery life. Its protocol was designed as “assemble and forget”, meaning once you set it up, it can last for months.

How do I use XCTU?

Add XBee modules to XCTU

  1. Connect two XBee modules to your computer using the USB cables.
  2. Launch XCTU.
  3. Click the Configuration working modes button .
  4. Click the Discover radio modules button .
  5. In the Discover radio devices dialog, select the serial ports where you want to look for XBee modules, and click Next.

How does Arduino communicate with XBee?

Just hook up the XBee module to the Explorer board and plug it with the laptop using USB cable. If you don’t have any converter or explorer board, then an Arduino board can be used as a USB to serial device which can easily communicate with the XBee and laptop.

How do XBee modules communicate with each other?

There are two types of data transmission involved in XBee communication: Wireless communication takes place between 2 or more XBee modules. In order to wirelessly communicate they must be part of the same network and use the same radio frequency. Modules that meet these requirements, communicate through wireless communication.

How does XBee S2C communication work?

In XBee S2C communication the device transfers the data with 2.4GHz speed. This module can only communicate with other modules. The communication method of the module is like creating a network then communicate with each other for data transmission.

What are the features of the XBee?

The XBee has an ESD protection of 3000V. The device is controllable and programmable by a single software that is official. The Data rate of the module is up to 250,000bps. The device is suitable in-home automation, it can create a mesh network which makes it safe. For every medium-range communication, the device is reliable.

What is the XBee USB adapter?

XBee USB Adapter is a UART communication board which supports XBee connectivity,features UART interface, USB interface, and onboard buttons/LEDs, provides an easy way for developing/debugging. Note:The XBee/ZigBee modules and Core2530 (B) in the photos are NOT included.