How many electorates are there in Sydney?

They can occur at any part of the year but would not be conducted at the same time as State elections. The boundaries of the 47 Federal electorates are different to the 93 State Electorates.

Who is the electorate for Sydney?

Division of Sydney

Sydney Australian House of Representatives Division
MP Tanya Plibersek
Party Labor
Namesake Sydney
Electors 114,239 (2019)

How many electorates are there in NSW?

The State of New South Wales is divided into 93 Legislative Assembly electoral districts.

Where is the Sydney electorate?

Location Description: Sydney covers an area from Pyrmont, The Rocks and Potts Point (including Sydney Harbour) in the north to Rosebery in the south.

How many people are in each Australian electorate?

There are 151 members elected to the House of Representatives. Each member represents one of Australia’s 151 electorates . On average, 150 000 people live in each electorate, with an average of 105 000 voters. The duties of members are conducted both within Parliament and their electorates.

What is the biggest electorate in Australia?

At 1,629,858 km2 (64 per cent of the landmass of Western Australia), Durack is the largest electorate in Australia by land area, the largest constituency in the world that practices compulsory voting, and the third largest single-member electorate in the world after Nunavut in Canada and Alaska in the United States.

What federal electorate is Willoughby in?

Division of North Sydney in New South Wales, as of the 2016 federal election. The Division of North Sydney is an Australian electoral division in the state of New South Wales.

Who is the member for Surry Hills?

Mr (Alex) Alexander Hart GREENWICH, MP.

What is the largest electorate in Australia?

What is the smallest electorate in Australia?

At 32 square kilometres (12 sq mi), it is Australia’s smallest electorate, located in the inner-southern Sydney metropolitan area, including parts of the inner-west.

What electorate is Ultimo in?

Find my electorate: ULTIMO

State Locality/Suburb Electorate

How many electoral divisions are there in Australia?

There are currently 151 single-member electorates for the Australian House of Representatives.

When is the next city of Sydney Council election?

The next election for the City of Sydney Council will be held on Saturday 4 December. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NSW Government postponed the 2020 Local Government elections. The next election for the City of Sydney Council will be held on Saturday 4 December 2021. Local government elections in NSW are held every 4 years.

When did Sydney’s electoral boundaries change?

New boundaries apply from the 2015 NSW State Election. Sydney was changed by the 2015 redistribution and now contains part of the former electoral district of Sydney. These lists are indicative.

What are my options as a city of Sydney voter?

Options for City of Sydney voters include: All City of Sydney voters are entitled to pre-poll in person at a polling venue within the City of Sydney. Non-residents voters must request a postal vote for the City even if ballot papers are automatically sent to you for your local area, this includes silent or general postal voters

How often are local government elections held in NSW?

Local government elections in NSW are held every 4 years. Yet due to the 2020 election being postponed by a year, the current Council will remain for a 5-year term and the new Council that is elected at the 2021 election will serve for a 3-year term.