How many hours do jet boats last?

Most I/O’s can typically go 3000 hours before a “major” rebuild is needed. That said, many subsystems will fail long before that, and it’s typical for I/O’s to start having problems between 500-1000 hours.

Can a jet boat go in saltwater?

Saltwater is not good for jet boats (jet skis, boats, and PWCs as well) because it damages the boat’s metal parts by forming rust on the surface of the metal. Saltwater corrodes the metal 5 times faster than freshwater. So, proper maintenance is essential for a jet boat if you are boating in saltwater.

Where can I buy a jet boat in BC?

Looking For The Perfect Jet Boat? is a classifieds website for buying and selling jet boats throughout British Columbia and Alberta . Jet boats are for sale from dealers, brokers and private sellers and the listings are complete with great photos and detailed information about each jet boat.

Where to buy a welded aluminum jet boat in Canada?

They repair all makes and models of welded aluminum jet boats. Jet Boats For Sale Across Canada and The USA. JetBoatsForSale.Ca is a website dedicated to the buying and selling of Welded Aluminum Jet Boats.

Who finances jet boats in Canada?

We contacted LMG Financing, an industry leader in powersports financing throughout Canada and we asked them several questions about financing jet boats which their marketing manager Garret Morrison, was happy to answer for us in detail. Our questions are in bold and his answers are below.

What is the best jet boat for the river?

Husky The Husky is a value-priced jet boat that is perfect for small and medium river exploration. With lots of interior space it is ideal for enjoying time with family and friends..The Husky offers an incredible value for a premium jet boat and comes equipped with many standard features to enhance your boating experience.