How many seats did BJP won in 2011 Bengal election?

Alliance wise result

CPIM 40-2 (by-polls) BJP
AIFB 11-1 (by-polls) GJM
RSP 7-1 (by-polls)

How many seats TMC won in 2011?

In government In the 2011 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, the TMC-led alliance that included the INC and SUCI(C) won 227 seats in the 294-seat legislature, defeating the incumbent Left Front government which had been in power for 34 years. TMC alone won 184 seats, enabling it to govern without an alliance.

Who is the leader of opposition in Bengal Legislative Assembly?

West Bengal Legislative Assembly

West Bengal Legislative Assembly Paschim Banga Vidhan Sabha
Deputy Leader of the House Partha Chatterjee, AITC since 10 May 2021
Leader of the Opposition Suvendu Adhikari, BJP since 10 May 2021
Deputy Leader of the Opposition Mihir Goswami, BJP since 10 May 2021

What happened to Left parties in West Bengal?

West Bengal politics underwent a major change when the Left Front won the 1977 assembly election, defeating the incumbent Indian National Congress. The Left Front, led by Communist Party of India (Marxist), had governed for the state for the subsequent three and a half decades.

Who is the founder of TMC?

Mamata Banerjee
Trinamool Congress/Founder

How many Legislative Assembly are there in India?

Current State Legislative Assemblies

Assembly Constituencies House strength
Karnataka Legislative Assembly List 224
Kerala Legislative Assembly List 140
Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly List 230
Maharashtra Legislative Assembly List 288

Which government is in West Bengal?

The current chief minister is Mamata Banerjee, who assumed the office on 20 May 2011….Government of West Bengal.

Seat of Government Kolkata
Legislative branch
Assembly West Bengal Legislative Assembly
Speaker Biman Banerjee
Deputy Speaker Dr. Asish Banerjee

Who won the 2011 elections in West Bengal?

A legislative assembly election was held in six phases between 18 April and 10 May 2011 for all the 294 seats of the Vidhan Sabha in the state of West Bengal in India. The Trinamool Congress won an absolute majority of seats.

How many seats in West Bengal Assembly 2016?

A Legislative Assembly election was held in 2016 for the 294 seats (out of 295 seats) of the Vidhan Sabha in the state of West Bengal in India .The All India Trinamool Congress under Mamata Banerjee won 211 seats, and thus was reelected with an enhanced majority.

Which is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of West Bengal?

Unicameral legislature of the Indian state of West Bengal. The West Bengal Legislative Assembly is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of West Bengal.

What is the capital of West Bengal state assembly?

It is located in the B. B. D. Bagh area of Kolkata (Calcutta)-the Capital of the state. Members of the Legislative assembly are directly elected by the people. The legislative assembly comprises 294 Members of Legislative Assembly, all directly elected from single-seat constituencies.