How much does it cost to pick apples at an orchard?

Farmers typically charge $1.25 to $2 a pound for apples sold through their u-pick operation, compared with roughly 60 cents a pound on the wholesale market. Like many outfits, the Wilkens farm requires a minimum u-pick purchase—in this case a peck of apples for $20. Otherwise, says Mr.

When should I go to apple orchards?

The month of September is generally the best time of year to pick apples. While different varieties of apples ripen at different times, and the climate varies the harvest from year to year, early fall is almost always a reliable time to go apple picking.

Is it cheaper to pick your own apples?

1. The price is perfect. A peck of apples is about 10 to 12 pounds, so at my U-pick farm the price of apples was about a dollar or a little less per pound—cheaper than both local and chain grocery stores.

How much can you sell a bushel of apples for?

We have found that the price of a bushel of apples at a REAL farmer’s market ranges from $14 a bushel to $30 per bushel. A bushel is 48 to 52 lbs., so that means the price at a farm or farmers market is between $0.28 and $0.60 per pound. The average price is about $22 / bushel or 44 cents per pound.

Why do people go apple-picking?

Orchards and farms offer apple picking as a fun activity, giving people the chance to pick their own fruits to take home to enjoy. While eating the apples is healthy in itself, the act of apple picking brings some health benefits to the table as well.

What month apples ripen?

Apples and crab apples can typically be classified as early summer (July to mid August), mid-summer (mid-August to early September) or fall apples (mid-September to October). If you don’t know the variety, no problem, there are plenty of other ways to judge ripeness.

What is the largest apple orchard in the United States?

It is considered the oldest and largest apple orchard in the state of New Hampshire and the oldest continuously operated apple orchard in the United States, having opened in 1913….Applecrest Farm Orchards.

Industry Orchard and farm
Products Apples, peaches, corn, and vegetables
Owner Peter Wagner

Where can I buy apples from the orchard?

Fresh from the orchard, bagged and sold at the Orchard Shop. Apples sold individually, by the half-peck or peck bag. Prices vary by supply and variety.

What is there to do in the orchard?

Follow your nose to the Orchard Bakery to pick up some of our famous apple cider doughnuts, home-baked pies and cream & butter fudge. Watch us hand-spin a caramel apple just for you. And for a true taste of fall grab a gallon of our freshly-pressed pressed apple cider.

Where is Kuipers Family Farm and orchard?

Interested in this vendor? Kuipers Family Farm and Orchard is located in Maple Park Illinois serving couples in the greater Rockford and Chicago areas. Our unique, all inclusive venue estate is situated on a 230 acre working farm and Chicagoland’s premier apple orchard.

When can I pick apple in the orchard?

Apple picking in the orchard is primarily available weekends only through October. Some varieties may be available to pick weekdays and we will post that updated information on our Homepage weekly.