How much does QuietRock cost?

Currently, the cost of QuietRock 510 is about $54 per sheet of 1/2-inch-thick, 4 x 8-foot panel. This compares to a sheet of conventional 1/2-inch-thick drywall selling for about $7.50 per panel. This means that you can purchase roughly seven sheets of standard drywall for the cost of one QuietRock panel.

Where is QuietRock sold?

The only difference is the QuietRock 500 is only available at participating Lowe’s stores and is manufactured and sold in 4×8′ size sheets only. QuietRock 510 is availible in 4×8, 4×10 and 4×12 panel sizes and is only available through regular building material dealers.

How much does QuietRock 530 cost?

The QuietRock 530 (5/8″) can be found for a little over $100 per sheet.

Is STC 36 good?

Things to note: STC rating of 25 is what can be easily heard. STC rating of 38-42 is considered good soundproofing for residential. STC rating of 50-65 is professional, commercial soundproofing for recording studios, etc.

How can I get STC rating of 50?

Add Soundproofing Membranes: If you need to achieve an STC of 50 or higher, consider using a soundproofing membrane. These products offer decoupling by separating the drywall from studs, and also significant mass increases.

How much does a sheet of QuietRock weigh?

QuietRock 510 is a 1/2″ cost effective sound damping gypsum panel – ideal for installation in residential and remodels applications….QuietRock 510.

Core QR510/Regular
Thickness 1/2” (12.7 mm)
Weight 2.13lbs/ft2

What is stc50?

Share. A sound blocking level of STC 50 means that a listener in a quiet room would need to exert effort to hear raised speech levels in adjacent rooms, and the speech would not be understandable or disruptive.

How good is QuietRock?

QuietRock can improve the soundproofing by 15 to 20 points on the STC scale, while it will take up to four sheets of drywall to have the same effect. If you’re doing both sides of a partition wall, that’s 2 sheets of QuietRock for 8 of the gypsum.