How old can a car be for Turo?

12 years old

Is Turo a good way to rent a car?

Turo has a great selection of cars. Most people shouldn’t have any trouble finding a car to meet their specific needs. The app and website are easy to navigate. You will most likely get a way better deal using Turo compared to one of the major rental car companies.

What insurance companies cover Turo?

They’re all provided through Liberty Mutual, a major U.S. insurance company. All three levels of Turo insurance coverage include $1 million of liability protection, which covers you in case you are found liable in a crash. This coverage is essential, even though you won’t be driving the car.

Can you drive Turo cars out of state?

In the US, guests may drive a vehicle across state lines into other US states. Guests booked in the US or Canada are not permitted to drive a Turo vehicle into Mexico.

How much does Turo really cost?

Turo vs. Zipcar vs. Getaround. Which car rental service is best?

Getaround Turo
Price $4/hour and up ~$25/day and up
Rental Period Hourly or Daily Daily
Mileage Limit 20/rental hour, 200/day max Set by owner. Typically 200/day
Minimum Renter Age 19 21

Does Turo check credit score?

How do you determine my auto insurance score? Turo receives insurance scores from the credit reporting agency TransUnion. TransUnion uses some elements of your credit report to come up with your auto insurance score. You can learn more about auto insurance scores.

Is there a mileage limit on Turo?

You can offer unlimited distance or set a daily distance limit for your car. If you offer unlimited distance, we’ll display a badge on your vehicle listing, and you’ll attract more guest. The minimum for most cars on Turo is 200 miles or 300 kilometres per day.

What is the most rented car on Turo?

Daily Drivers

Rank car Avg. Days Booked/Month
1 FIAT 500 17

Does Geico cover Turo rentals?

Geico doesn’t cover Turo rentals but won’t say why: Insurance.

How much do Turo hosts make?

Turo reports that U.S. hosts make an average of $545/month. You can earn 90% of the rental fee if you offer Extras (I’ll explain this further down). You receive 100% of reimbursements incurred by your renters, including fuel replacement, tickets, tolls, and cleaning or smoking fees.

Does my insurance cover Turo?

You don’t need personal insurance coverage if you book a trip with a protection plan made available via Turo. If you do have insurance, our liability insurance provider* will supplement your personal coverage. Depending on the protection plan you select, liability coverage is up to $750,000 in the US.

Can you put a leased car on Turo?

You can rent out leased or financed cars as long as it does not violate the terms of your agreement. Motorcycles, passenger vans, cargo vans and vehicles intended primarily for off-road use are not eligible for the Turo app.

How much do Turo owners make?

With the average Turo Host earning $500 each month, most people generate enough money to completely offset their car payments. If you don’t have a car payment, the extra money you make with Turo can be used for retirement savings, paying off debt, and more. You can make extra money passively.

Does my personal car insurance cover Turo?

Most personal auto insurance policies will extend to a Turo rental just as they would cover a car rental through a traditional rental company, Be sure to double check your coverage and deductible before declining Turo’s insurance options.

Does Turo pick you up?

Turo has delivery agreements at certain airports that specify where guests and hosts can pick up and drop off vehicles. If you’re meeting in person, use Turo messaging to confirm how, where, and when you’ll meet. Hosts aren’t permitted to ask guests for a ride home after delivering their vehicle.

How do I get unlimited miles on Turo?

To filter your search results by distance in the Turo app:

  1. Enter your trip start location and travel dates.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap FILTERS.
  3. Scroll down and tap DISTANCE INCLUDED.
  4. Choose Unlimited miles from the menu.

What are the requirements to rent from Turo?


  • Social Security number.
  • Auto insurance score that meets our benchmark.
  • Valid permanent license or an acceptable temporary license.
  • Proof you’ve been driving for at least two years if you’re under age 25, and you may be unable to book with a Commercial Host.

What does book instantly mean on Turo?

We opt all new listings to “Book instantly,” which allows guests to book a trip in your car without waiting for you to manually approve their request. You can turn off this setting at any time. See instructions below for disabling “Book instantly” from your listing.