Is a Canon 600D good for astrophotography?

The 600D is still an excellent DSLR for astrophotography. You can use it in countless imaging configurations from wide-angle nightscapes to deep-sky astrophotography through a telescope. You are free to explore and capture the night sky with only a tripod and lens, if desired.

Is Canon 550D good for astrophotography?

Dedicated, cooled astronomy cameras are quite expensive, so I decided to spend like 100$ for second-hand DSLR and then replace the IR filter to achieve better sensitivity in the hydrogen alpha band. Soon I found Canon 550D that is quite a capable model for astrophotography.

Is the Canon 1000D good for astrophotography?

As a budget camera for astrophotography, the 1000D is a bit of a steal, capable of producing excellent astrophotos with very good noise handling even at high ISO settings.

Should you modify your DSLR for astrophotography?

Modifying my DSLR camera was the smartest thing I could have done for my astrophotography. A DSLR camera is perhaps the most versatile tool available to amateur astronomers. It can record nightscapes, deep-sky images, lunar and planetary videos, as well as daytime photographs.

What is the difference between the Canon 550D and the 600D?

The Canon EOS 550D (called Canon T2i in some regions) and the Canon EOS 600D (labelled Canon T3i in some countries) are two digital cameras that were revealed to the public, respectively, in February 2010 and February 2011. Both are DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras that are equipped with an APS-C sensor.

What is the sensitivity range of the Canon EOS 550D?

The Canon EOS 550D has a native sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 6400, which can be extended to ISO 100-12800. The Canon EOS 600D offers exactly the same ISO settings. Since 2007, DXO Mark has published sensor performance measurements that have been derived using a consistent methodology.

Does the Canon EOS 550D have weather sealing?

Unfortunately neither Canon EOS 550D (EOS Rebel T2i / EOS Kiss X4) nor Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5) provides any type of weather sealing in their body, so you have to give extra care especially when you are shooting outdoors. If weather sealing is a must-have feature for you, check these sections:

What does the microphone port on a canon 600D do?

(Canon EOS 600D) The higher the movie recording bitrate the better the movie quality with more and crispier details and less compression artifacts. A microphone port allows connecting external high-end or specialized microphones. A stereo microphone allows to record audio files or movies in stereo without an external microphone.