Is CCSF open?

Visit our Virtual Campus while our buildings are closed. City College of San Francisco’s new Chancellor, Dr. David Martin, presents his first Open Forum.

What is CCSF Edu?

Website. City College of San Francisco (CCSF or City College) is a public community college in San Francisco, California. Founded as a junior college in 1935, the college plays an important local role, annually enrolling as many as one in nine San Francisco residents.

How do I check my CCSF grades?

Midterm Grades and Final Grades are made available to students through MyRAM at

How many students are in CCSF?

65,000 (2017)City College of San Francisco / Total enrollment

Where do CCSF students live?

Where do CCSF students reside? A majority of CCSF students reside in San Francisco. Approximately 75% of credit students and 85% of noncredit students are San Francisco residents.

How do I get CCSF ramid?

Accessing RAM ID Portal

  1. Go to CCSF website.
  2. Click on MyCCSF link (upper right corner)
  3. Click on myCCSF Login Portal link under Service and Email section.

How is CCSF funded?

The college receives various streams of federal funding to support specified programs and services. This provides $6.6 million in categorical funding for these purposes, and an additional $24 million in direct student aid. Support comes from U.S. Department of Education financial aid and program grants, Carl D.

What is CCSF ID number?

RAM ID is CCSF’s password management service in honor of the CCSF Rams mascot and will help eliminate the need for individual passwords to each of the services listed below. For Students, your RAM ID is your Student ID number, typically starting with a W or @.

Is D passing in City College?

Letters A, B, C, D and P indicate passing grades; NP indicates no pass; F indicates failing.

Is CCSF semester or quarter?

There are generally two semesters per academic year: Fall (beginning in August or September) and Spring (beginning in January).