Is German a pretty language?

Nope! It’s definitely a beautiful language. People are highly prejudiced against it because their most memorable exposure to German is often the video footage or recordings of horrible Nazi shouting during WW2.

Is English a harsh language?

I think English has a very neutral and cool sound. It is not as beautiful and melodic like Romance languages, but not as harsh sounding like the majority of germanic languages. French is the closest Romance language to English but just because of vocabulary, grammar differs a lot.

What are some benefits of English as the language of science?

The adoption of a de facto universal language of science has had an extraordinary effect on scientific communication: by learning a single language, scientists around the world gain access to the vast scientific literature and can communicate with other scientists anywhere in the world.

Why is English weird?

English probably sounds a little “weird” to many speakers of other languages. English has more phonemes than many languages, with around 44, depending on which variety of English you speak. It has an unusually large set of vowel sounds – there are around 11.

Does English Sound fast to foreigners?

Yes. English sounds like gibberish to other people. One thing that doesn’t help it is its lack of phonetic writing. The Alphabet is the greatest invention in the history of written language.

Is English a fast language?

English is what’s called a stress-timed language while Mandarin and Spanish are syllable-timed languages. Speakers of stress-timed languages tend to perceive speech in syllable-timed languages as faster than speech in stress-timed languages like their own.

Why is German so different?

The only common ancestor these two language families really have is Proto-Indo-European. They probably split into their two distinct branches at least 3,000 years ago (possibly as much as 5). So the reason German and French are so different is that they have been separate languages for thousands of years.

Why does Russian sound so angry?

Originally Answered: Why do Russian people speak as if the are angry when they are not? It is a combination of the language and culture. The language is very guttural and the culture is very impersonal and invalidating.