Is Labatt Ice a good beer?

Overall this is a very solid pale adjunct lager. All around good robustness of pale malt/corn and light earthy hop flavors; very smooth, crisp, clean, and refreshing to drink for the ABV. Definitely a bit more flavorful than the base beer as expected.

What kind of beer is Labatt Ice?

Lager. A smooth and full-flavored beer at 5.6% ALC./VOL. Introduced in 1993, Labatt Ice was one of the world’s first Ice brewed beers.

What are the best ice beers?

ice beer

1 Fortuna Komes Wymrażany Barley Wine Cognac BA 20.0% 100
2 Glutenberg Myrcène De Glace (Brassin Spécial) 10.0% 96
3 Storm Glacial Mammoth Extinction (2015) Retired 25.0% 95
4 Raven Black Label #5: Ice Blueberry Cake Sour Ale 11.0% 94

Does ice beer have a smoother taste than regular beer?

Brewers make ice beer by getting ice crystals to form in the beer. The brewers do this by lowering the temperature of the brew after it has been brewed and fermented, but before it is aged or lagered. So when you remove the ice crystals, you end up with a smoother or tamer-tasting beer.

Where is Labatt Ice brewed?

Brewed and bottled by Labatt Breweries of Canada, London, Montreal, Vancouver.

Why is ice beer cheaper?

Ice beer is a beer style, in which beer has undergone some degree of fractional freezing during production. These brands generally have higher alcohol content than typical beer and generally have a low price relative to their alcohol content.

Why do they call it ice beer?

Most beers are brewed, fermented and, just before aging, chilled to around 30 to 35 degrees. Ice beer is chilled below freezing (about 27 degrees) to create ice crystals. Fans say this technique gives the beer a smooth taste.

Is Labatt brewed in the US?

Labatt Blue has become the premier Canadian pilsener in the Great Lakes region and expansion markets across the United States. First brewed in Canada in 1847, Labatt continues to carry on the tradition and heritage of the great outdoors. Labatt USA is owned by Rochester-based North American Breweries.

What beers does Labatt brew?

Brands. The LaSalle brewery brews Labatt Bleue, Québec’s most popular brew, as well as Bleue Légère, Bleue Dry, Budweiser, Bud Light, John Labatt Classique, the Wildcat family which includes Wildcat, Wildcat Forte, Wildcat Dry and Wildcat Légère, 50, Labatt .

Where is Labatt brewed?


  • St. John’s,Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Montreal,Quebec (in the LaSalle borough)
  • Halifax,Nova Scotia
  • Creston,British Columbia
  • Edmonton,Alberta
  • Is Labatt Blue Beer any good?

    With a clean, refreshing taste, light color, slight hop aroma, good balance, fruity character and a slightly sweet taste, Labatt Blue has become the premier Canadian pilsener in the Great Lakes region and expansion markets across the United States.

    Is Labatt Blue a lager?

    Loading please wait.. Labatt Blue is a refreshing, pilsner-style lager brewed using John Labatt’s founding philosophy that a quality beer should have a real, authentic taste. Blue is made with the finest hops and Canadian Barley malt.

    Is Labatt Blue Beer gluten free?

    You are guaranteed that our craft beers have no gluten, rich in flavour, crisp, and refreshing. They are so good that you won’t notice the difference to regular craft beers . We know how important gluten free beers if you have an intolerance or if you’re a celiac.