Is Renault Duster getting discontinued in India?

More Details. Renault will be discontinuing the compact crossover from India later this year, reports Economic Times. The last unit of the C-segment SUV will roll out of its assembly line in Renault’s manufacturing facility near Chennai, Tamil Nadu in October 2021.

Is Renault stopping Duster?

Word has it that the Renault Duster in India will be discontinued. The report adds the last unit of the current Duster in India will roll off the production line in October 2021.

Is Renault Duster available in India?

Renault Duster Summary The Renault Duster turbo-petrol variant has been launched in India, with prices ranging from Rs 10.49 lakh to Rs 13.59 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom, all India). The model is available in five trims across MT and CVT variants.

Which is better Duster or brezza?

So compared to the 85 bhp Duster, the Brezza is the more superior car considering the performance. Now moving on to the more powerful Duster, it makes 110 bhp of power and 245 Nm of torque. The Duster also benefits from the option of All Wheel Drive on the 110 bhp diesel model which the Brezza does not get at all.

What sets Renault Duster apart from other SUVs?

Meet Renault Duster, the pioneer of versatile SUVs. Its rugged build, power packed performance and feature-rich interiors are impossible to overlook. Take it out for an off-roading adventure or through the urban jungles, it’s sure to own the roads with its solid presence. That’s what sets it apart!

Why buy a driveduster?

Duster promises you adventures of a lifetime with exceptional performance and improved fuel economy. Accessorise the muscular SUV exteriors for an added flair and make it stand out from the rest.

Why choose gang of dusters for your customisation?

Accessorise the muscular SUV exteriors for an added flair and make it stand out from the rest. Own your Duster with a one-of-its-kind customisation to combine form and functionality in one. Gang of Dusters is a community of like-minded Duster owners who seek new experiences and long for the roads less travelled.