Is Schwab 529 plan good?

An excellent program with many benefits for the participant and positive investment attributes. If it has any significant weaknesses then it also has some particularly good things to recommend it. American Century Investment Management, Inc.

Should I be aggressive 529?

Many 529 plans offer age-based portfolios, which start off with more equity exposure early on and become more conservative over time. An overly aggressive portfolio could quickly put your child at a financial disadvantage without enough time to recoup losses before move-in day.

What state is Schwab 529 plan?

The Schwab 529 Education Savings Plan is available through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and is managed by American Century Investment Management, Inc. The plan was created by the Kansas State Legislature under the provisions of Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code and is administered by the Kansas State Treasurer.

Why is Utah 529 the best?

Utah 529 Plan (My529) This stands as one of the highest allowed 529 contributions in the country. And once you reach that level, your money still grows tax-free. Utah residents in particular may take a 5% income tax credit on their contributions up to a certain limit.

Does it matter which state 529 plan?

529 plans are state-sponsored, but you can pick a plan from any state. Most states offer at least one 529 plan. You don’t have to invest in your own state’s plan; though many states offer residents a state tax deduction for doing so, there is no federal tax deduction for 529 contributions.

How much is too much for 529?

One of the many benefits of saving for a child’s future college education with a 529 plan is that contributions are considered gifts for tax purposes. In 2022, gifts totaling up to $16,000 per individual will qualify for the annual gift tax exclusion, up from $15,000 in 2018-2021.

What is the max contribution to a 529 plan?

Annual 529 plan contribution limits 529 plans do not have annual contribution limits. However, contributions to a 529 plan are considered completed gifts for federal tax purposes, and in 2022 up to $16,000 per donor ($15,000 in 2021), per beneficiary qualifies for the annual gift tax exclusion.

Are 529 tax deductible in Utah?

Contributions to the Utah 529 plan of up to $2,130 in 2022 per beneficiary by an individual, and up to $4,260 in 2022 per beneficiary by a married couple filing jointly, are eligible for a 4.95% credit against Utah income tax. The credit limits are increased each year for inflation, but not decreased for deflation.

What is the Charles Schwab 529 plan portfolio composition?

Schwab 529 Plan portfolio composition – Each of the 529 Plan portfolios includes fund families primarily within Schwab’s Mutual Fund OneSource service, as well as Schwab Affiliate Funds. The Schwab 529 Plan employs multiple fund families to diversify across securities, industry sectors, and investment styles. $0 account open or maintenance fees.

What is the Kansas Schwab 529 college savings plan?

The Kansas Schwab 529 College Savings Plan is available through discount broker Charles Schwab and managed by American Century. The Plan utilizes a variety of mutual fund families in its age-based and static portfolios with an actively managed or index option. Accounts can be linked to the Upromise rewards service.

Can I link my Upromise account to a 529 plan?

Your Upromise account can link to any 529 plan to help you save more money. Join now for free. The Kansas Schwab 529 College Savings Plan is available through discount broker Charles Schwab and managed by American Century.

How does the age-based option work in 529 plans?

In some 529 plans, the age-based option operates by automatically transferring your investment from one static portfolio to another at certain points in time. Others utilize lifecycle funds or employ lifecycle-type tactics within the portfolio containing your investment so that it is not necessary to transfer your investment between portfolios.