Is the Husqvarna 545 a professional saw?

The second generation of Husqvarna’s 545 chainsaw is a 50cc unit that’s ready for your felling, limbing and bucking of small and midsize trees. Designed for professional forestry and tree care crews, this durable saw has improved power and a slimmed-down design.

How many cc is a Husqvarna 545 chainsaw?

Husqvarna 545-MK2 20-in 50.1-cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw.

Where is the Husqvarna 545 Mark II made?

The chainsaws are manufactured in Huskvarna, Sweden, and equipped with a Husqvarna X-CUT chain and the X-force bar. Both 50cc chainsaws will be available in stores from March 11, 2019. The MSRP will start at $539.95 for the 545 Mark II and $599.95 for the 550 XP Mark II.

Will an Oregon bar fit a Husqvarna?

Oregon Bar and Chain Set For Husqvarna Chainsaws 16″ with . 050 Gauge Oregon # 108579 Fits Husqvarna models 33, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 49, 50, 51, 55, 57, 133, 140S, 154, 234, 238, 240, 242, 246, 254, 340, 444.

What size bar does a Husqvarna 435 take?

Match your Husqvarna chainsaw to the right saw bar and chain

Model Bar Length Pitch
395 XP 28″ 3/8
395 XP 36″ 3/8
435 / 435e 13″ .325 Pixel
435 / 435e 16″ .325 Pixel

What does Mark II mean Husqvarna?

generation two
Excellence reinvented: Husqvarna showcases revamped chain saw models. “These are two brand new chain saws,” Johnsson says. “They have the same names as their predecessors but with the addition of Mark II, meaning generation two. Built from the ground up.

What year did Husqvarna start making chainsaws?

Husqvarna’s first chainsaw was launched in 1959, and it was black and orange. Husqvarna products have been orange ever since. In 2009, we celebrated 50 years as a chainsaw manufacturer.

Can I use an Oregon chain on a Husqvarna?

Oregon M72 SpeedCut Chainsaw Chain for 18-Inch Bar -72 Drive Links – fits Husqvarna, Dolmar, Jonsered and more. The M72 18″ SpeedCut™ Saw Chain is for arborists and property owners who want top performance. This chain fits several saws including Husqvarna® 50, 55 Rancher, 450E, 455 Rancher and 545.

Can I put a 20 inch bar on a Husqvarna 435?

Yes, you can put a longer bar on it. Husqvarna recommends up to an 18″ bar on that model.

Can you put a 20 inch bar on a Husqvarna 450?

The smaller 450 Rancher is different: it has a small mount but the lighter . 325” Pixel chain pitch at . 050” gauge. The maximum recommended bar length is lower at 20”, and the .