Is there a movie among the hidden?

Among the Hidden (2018)

What is the setting of the story among the hidden?

The setting of the novel Among the Hidden, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is completely controlled by the Population Police under a totalitarian government. This type of government dictates every aspect of the citizens’ lives under its rule.

What is the setting of among the imposters?

The setting of Among the Imposters is at a private school. In the book it is only for barons, but Luke is a shadow child. The date of the setting goes back to the 1900’s where bullying and bad behavior was still going on a lot especially to littler kids.

How does Luke change in among the hidden?

His only small change is that he also stops teasing his brother as much and has also “outgrown him.” He also starts spending much of his time at his girlfriend’s house and away from home. Jennifer “Jen” Talbot- This is another third child in the neighborhood that Luke discovers and becomes friends with.

What is the rising action of among the imposters?

Rising action When Lee Grant (Luke) is in the hallway he sees a door open and goes outside. Luke starts making a garden outside. He was as scared when he used to go to Jen’s house.

Who is the narrator of among the hidden?

Among the Hidden is told entirely from the third person limited point of view of its main character, 12-year-old Luke Garner.

Who is the antagonist in among the hidden?

Protagonist and Antagonist Luke, his family, and Jen are the primary protagonists. The main antagonist is the Government..

What is the theme of among the imposters?

The theme of the story is fiting in. I think that because in the beggining of the story all Luke wanted to do is fit in. And in the middle of the book Luke is starting to make friends but even though he does fitting in is a huge goal. But since he is a shadow child it is hard for Luke to fit in.

Who are the main characters in among the imposters?

Jason Barstow

What does Exnay mean in among the imposters?

No actual profanity is used, but the students often call each other exnay, fonrol and lecker, which are considered derogatory terms. An exnay is a third who has come out of hiding; a fonrol is any third child, and a lecker is someone who lives in the country or is considered stupid.

What is the resolution of among the hidden?

The resolution in that book is that Jen’s father gave Luke a fake ID so he can live a free life, as Lee Grant, with new fake parents. Luke will be able to live without worrying about the Population Law.

What happens in among the free?

Luke Garner is an illegal third child along with Trey, Nina, Matthias, Percy, and Alia. He has been working from within the Population Police at the stables in hopes of slowly overthrowing them and bringing about freedom. Luke wanders into another village and discovers the Population Police has finally been overthrown.

What is the genre of among the imposters?

Children’s literature

What is the conflict of among the imposters?

So the conflict is the betrayal of Jason pretending to be a third child and getting the third children’s trust. Luke Garner is a child in hiding because he is known as a illegal third child.

What are barons in among the hidden?

The people looking to move in are called Barons and they are the super duper rich, like the . 01%. Luke notices how they dress differently from his family and also counts kids: always two. At one point he envisions a family moving in with only one child and then being able to live with them.

Why does Luke sense that he must keep Jen a secret from his family?

Why does Luke sense that he must keep Jen a secret from his family? They were set up so she could look around outside without being seen. Compare/contrast Jen’s and Luke’s parents ideas about using the family computer.

Is Jen really dead in among the hidden?

When Luke fails to hear from Jen for a while, he breaks into her house to search for her, but her father storms in on him with a gun. After acquainting themselves to each other, he informs Luke that Jen died; she was among the forty shadow children shot dead at the rally.

How many pages are in among the betrayed?