What are at least three objects associated with Mr Pirzada?

The three objects were candy, pocket watch and the pumpkin. Explanation: The candy itself represents hope and a connection between Mr. Pirzada, his daughters.

What is the theme of Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

Pirzada Came to Dine” Jhumpa Lahiri presents the idea that kindness can be helpful for a person that needs it. No matter what situation one person can be in always be kind it can make them feel better. Every evening Lilia and her parents have dinner with Mr. Pirzada.

What was life like during ww2?

Over a million were evacuated from towns and cities and had to adjust to separation from family and friends. Many of those who stayed, endured bombing raids and were injured or made homeless. All had to deal with the threat of gas attack, air raid precautions (ARP), rationing, changes at school and in their daily life.

When did Mr Pirzada come to dine war?

Mr. Pirzada is from Dacca, then a part of Pakistan. He left behind his wife and seven daughters for a fellowship to study the foliage of New England. Since his fellowship provided for only a meager dorm room, he comes to Lilia’s home to eat with her parents and to watch the news of the Indo-Pakistan War.

What is the setting of when Mr Pirzada Came to Dine?

The setting is the Boston suburbs in 1971. The story’s narrator is Lilia, the 10-year-old daughter of an Indian American couple. Lilia’s father is an academic at a local university, while her mother is a homemaker.

How did ww2 affect civilians?

Destruction of houses, factories, railways and in general all kind of infrastructures needed to get food, shelter, sanitation and jobs; these destructions affected the civilians in a specific hard way because as a consequence they weren’t able to obtain the necessary means to survive (considering that most of the goods …

How were children’s lives affected by ww2?

Children were massively affected by World War Two. Nearly two million children were evacuated from their homes at the start of World War Two; children had to endure rationing, gas mask lessons, living with strangers etc. Children accounted for one in ten of the deaths during the Blitz of London from 1940 to 1941.

How is Mr Pirzada’s pocket watch different from the watch he wears on his wrist?

-The pocket watch represents Mr. Pirzada thinking about his family in Dacca because it is set to the time in Dacca. -The wrist watch represents American life (American time).

What is Mr Pirzada’s situation at the end of the story?

He waits to hear from his family back in Pakistan. He ends up meeting back up with his family in Pakistan.