What are painted ponies worth?

By developing a regular retirement program, Painted Pony figurines have made the leap from charming collectibles purchased because people like the way they look and make them feel, to investments that are appreciating in worth. Several of these early retirees have now sold for well over $500.

Are trail of painted ponies hand painted?

14. Where are The Trail of Painted Ponies figurines crafted? Our figurines are miniature works-of-art that are hand-crafted in China and Thailand.

Where are the painted horses?

Fifteen years ago The Trail of Painted Ponies began in Santa Fe, NM as a public art exhibition that invited artists to magically transform Original Life-size horse sculptures into mesmerizing works-of-art put on display across the state of New Mexico.

How much do paint horses cost?

Thanks to their popularity, paint horses are typically easy to find to adopt or buy. They cost between $1,000 and $5,000 on average, though that price can fluctuate depending on the horse’s age, health, training, and pedigree.

What is the difference between a paint horse and a Quarter Horse?

Paint horses must have a very specific proven parentage. They can only be Quarter Horses or Thoroughbreds from parents registered in the AQHA, APHA, or TB. Furthermore, Paint horses must meet very specific coloration requirements; a pinto pattern of either tobiano or overo.

What is the difference between a pinto horse and a Paint Horse?

“Paint” is actually short for “American Paint Horse” and this term is the name of a particular breed. The word “pinto” on the other hand, is a loose term used to describe any horse with bold white markings on its coat… However, this is the horse world!

What is the average lifespan of a Paint Horse?

about 31 years
An American paint horse lives longer than any other usual horse. The average lifespan of these horses is about 31 years. But if they are taken care of properly by the owners, they are known to live even longer.

Are Painted Ponies collectible?

For the elite collector of rare Painted Pony figurines, find the perfect painted pony from the Trail of Painted Ponies collectible. This artistic line of collectible ponies showcases Native American horse art and dramatic painted horses.

What comes with each painted pony figurine?

Each figurine comes with a Story Card inside an attractive, laminated BOX that completes every Painted Pony collectability. low numbered () figurine! VERY RARE RETIRED FIRST EDITION low numbered 4357 or 5647 or 9353 figurine!

What is the low number for a retired painted pony?

Order this CHRISTMAS 2016 RETIRED Painted Pony now and receive a low numbered (0535 / 0538) first edition figurine! VERY RARE RETIRED CHRISTMAS FIRST EDITION FIGURINE NUMBER 0097 OR 0195!