What are the different species of bandicoots?


  • Long-nosed bandicoot (Perameles nasuta) The long-nosed bandicoot is around 31–43cm in size, and weighs up to 1.5kg.
  • Northern brown bandicoot (Isoodon macrourus) The northern brown bandicoot is around 30–47cm in size, and weighs up to 2.1 kg.
  • Southern brown bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus)

What species is Crash Bandicoot?

eastern barred bandicoot
An Incredible Animal: 3 Bandicoot Facts! The bandicoot entered public consciousness after the release of the popular video game Crash Bandicoot for the Sony PlayStation in 1996. Positioned as an edgy mascot in the image of Mario or Sonic, Crash is a genetically modified eastern barred bandicoot with unique powers.

What kind of marsupial is Crash Bandicoot?

In popular culture. The character Crash Bandicoot is a mutant eastern barred bandicoot, titular protagonist of the Sony PlayStation game of the same name, chosen in the late 1990s to compete as a mascot with Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Nintendo’s Mario.

Is a bandicoot a mammal?

bandicoot, (order Peramelemorphia), any of about 20 species of Australasian marsupial mammals comprising the order Peramelemorphia. Unlike other marsupials, bandicoots have a placenta (lacking villi, however).

Why are bandicoots endangered?

The main threats to bandicoots are habitat loss from urbanisation and land-clearing, predation from foxes, cats and dogs, and collisions with vehicles. (Native predators include snakes, owls, quolls and dingoes.)

What adaptations do bandicoots have?

Unique Adaptations

  • Nocturnal Behaviour – Keeps them out of the hot Australian sun.
  • Rear-facing Pouch Opening – Prevents dirt from entering the female’s pouch when she is digging.
  • Strong Digging Claws – For digging out underground prey.
  • Long Pointy Nose – To sniff out its prey.

Where is Crash Bandicoot based?

The games are mostly set on the fictitious Wumpa Islands, an archipelago situated to the south of Australia where humans and mutant animals co-exist, although other locations are common.

Are bandicoots blind?

Bandicoots have excellent hearing and eyesight and they can emit a sharp, high-pitched squeak when foraging.

Are bandicoots protected?

All bandicoots are protected as they are native Australia animals. Some sub-species of Bandicoot, like the Southern Brown Bandicoot are now listed as endangered in NSW.

Do bandicoots carry ticks?

Bandicoots are the most common animal to carry large numbers of ticks, one study showed a single bandicoot carried more than two thousand juvenile ticks over one season! Bandicoot numbers have risen dramatically across urban areas of Sydney over recent years, with tick numbers doing the same.

What kind of animal is a Crash Bandicoot?

A genus known by a single species, Crash bandicoot is recognised as an early representative of a peramelid lineage that separated from the Chaeropodidae, a family represented by the modern pig-footed bandicoots Chaeropus, and Thylacomyidae family of the extant bilby genus Macrotis.

What is the conservation status of the bandicoot?

The conservation status of the bandicoot varies widely between species. The long-nosed bandicoot, which occupies the eastern coast of Australia, is currently listed as least concern by the IUCN Red List. However, many other species are near threatened or endangered.

Who created Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Crash Bandicoot is a franchise of platform video games. The series was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their tenure at Naughty Dog for Universal Interactive Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment; the series was originally exclusive to the PlayStation family of video game consoles.

Why did Crash Bandicoot have so many empty areas?

In September 1995, a videotape of Crash Bandicoot was shown to Sony Computer Entertainment behind closed doors. While playing the game during development, Rubin realized that there were many empty areas in the game due to the PlayStation’s inability to process numerous on-screen enemy characters at the same time.