What are they doing with the old train station in Detroit?

Michigan Central Station will be part of Ford’s Corktown Campus. The former train depot will house members of the automaker’s electric vehicle team. The campus will include a 30-acre walkable community surrounding the train station.

Why was Michigan Central Station abandoned?

Owing to low usage, Amtrak shuttered the Michigan Central Station on January 6, 1988. The passenger platforms were demolished in 2000 for an intermodal freight yard, which was later abandoned.

What is Ford doing in Detroit?

DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. is planning to construct a new office building west of Michigan Central Station that will add more density to the mobility tech hub in Detroit that the automaker is developing.

What is the old train station in Detroit going to be?

Michigan Central Station
Built for the Michigan Central Railroad, it replaced the original depot in downtown Detroit, which was shuttered after a major fire on December 26, 1913, forcing the still unfinished station into early service….

Michigan Central Station
Station code Amtrak code: DET
Opened January 4, 1914
Closed January 6, 1988

Why did Ford buy the train station?

Ford’s plans for the station to include restoration of the grand hall to its original luster; attraction of local shops and restaurants; and creating new residential options in the up-and-coming neighborhood. The station will serve as a public space for people to enjoy, with more details to come in the future.

How many empty buildings are in Detroit?

With at least 70,000 abandoned buildings, 31,000 empty houses, and 90,000 vacant lots, Detroit has become notorious for its urban blight.

Does Detroit have a rail system?

The Detroit People Mover, an elevated and automated light-rail system, can help you get around downtown quickly, easily and safely. The 2.9-mile looped system has 13 stations, with automatic stops at key downtown locations.

How much did Ford pay for Michigan Central Station?

During a media tour Tuesday of the old depot, Ford’s construction managers showed off the progress hundreds of skilled trades workers have been making in the more than three years since the automaker paid the Moroun family $90 million for the hulking train station and adjacent properties in Corktown.

Does Amtrak go from Detroit to Texas?

Amtrak is the one and only train line which connects Detroit, Michigan to Houston, Texas. Furthermore, there is only one train per day, so you will have to plan your travel around this limited availability.

Where is the Detroit Amtrak station located?

The Detroit Amtrak station in the new center area is very convenient. It’s located on Woodward and Milwaukee right down the street from the q line . It’s convenient to Downtown Detroit and the new center area.

Where is the Detroit bus station?

The address of Greyhound Bus Station Detroit is 1001 Howard St Detroit, MI 48226, USA.

What is an abandoned railroad?

An abandoned railroad is a railway line which is no longer used for that purpose. Such lines may be disused railways, closed railways, former railway lines, even derelict railway lines.