What does a DSP5 switch do?

The CSP5 and DSP5 switches allows users to switch on the fly between 5 user defined tunes. With the DSP5 switch, you can change your tuning “on-the-fly”. Tuning not included, you must have DSP5 Tuning for use with this switch.

How do I know if my diesel truck is tuned?

If the truck has all of the emissions equipment removed (egr, egr cooler, NOx catalyst, & DPF), then the truck already has a tune on it.

Does EFI Live have delete tunes?

Efi Live V3 Auto Cal With Custom Dpf/Egr/Def Delete Tune Pkg. Kit Comes With 5 Tune Pkg And Dsp5 Switch & Delete Pipe Kit. This is the most advanced Delete Tuning on the market for your off-road Duramax & Cummins truck built by a custom tune builder that builds the highest quality tunes available.

What does DSP5 stand for?


Acronym Definition
DSP5 Department of State Proforma for Permanent Export (data)

Are all DSP5 switches the same?

All the switch is it has different resistors inside so the ECM sees voltage drop to determine which tune you want. Resistors flow power the same each way. EFI-Live Tuned and Built By Dan’s Diesel Performance.

How do I know if my truck has a tuner?

The ECM (located below and forward of the drivers side battery) may have a sticker on it from the tuner that programed it. If it does, you could contact them and they may be able to tell you what tunes were programed in.

How to switch tunes on efilive dsp5?

EFILive’s DSP5custom operating system can be switched using hardwired switch. Users cannot switch tunes using EFILive hardware. Important DSP5Parameters and Tables A9136, A9236, A9336, A9436 –DSP5switching voltages

Why can’t I read dsp5 tune files from the ECM?

DSP5 tune files cannot be read from the ECM. 6. Confirm DSP5file was upgraded to new operating system number, as sequenced above. 7. Check Voltage settings by monitoring the voltage PID and tune number using the EFILive Scan Tool. 8. Check wiring installation; specifically check that the pins are properly fitted to the ECM. 9.

What are the dsp5 switching voltages and parameters?

Important DSP5Parameters and Tables A9136, A9236, A9336, A9436 –DSP5switching voltages These parameters set up the switching points for each DSP5program to become enabled. It works by the voltage from the switch for each tune needing to fall between each adjacent parameter for a valid reading.

Is DSP2 still supported?

This document was originally created for DSP5 and DSP2 custom operating systems. Support for DSP2 operating systems was retired in July 2018. The DSP2 custom operating system has not been migrated to V8 Scan and Tune software. What is EFILive DSP5?