What does DTF mean in geocaching?

First To Find
Ping! That’s the sound of your phone or email notifying you when a new geocache is published nearby. Grab your geo-bag, gps device, and get moving… you want to be the FTF (First To Find).

What does Beacon mean in geocaching?

In geocaching, a beacon is a device that transmits a wireless message, which can be used to find a geocache.

What does PNG mean in geocaching?

Cache and Dash, a cache placed in a location that allows a quick grab. Also known as Park-and-Grab (P&G or PNG).

What does LPC mean in geocaching?

Lamp post caches
Lamp post caches (LPCs) polarize opinions. A LPC is typically a small nondescript container placed under the metal skirt of a lamp post. Some geocachers believe that LPCs are unimaginative hides and all too easy finds.

How do you program a Garmin chirp?

Programming the chirp

  1. From the geocaching settings on your Garmin device, enable chirp™ Searching.
  2. From your Garmin device, select Program chirp™.
  3. Select an option: Select Show chirp™ Details to view and edit chirp information. Select Send Waypoint to select a saved waypoint from your compatible device.

What do you leave in a geocache?

10 Trinkets You Can Put In A Geocache

  • 3 Toy Soldiers.
  • 4 Coins.
  • 5 Jewelry.
  • 6 Disposable Rain Ponchos.
  • 7 Kid’s Meal Toys.
  • 8 Keychains.
  • 9 Trading Stones.
  • 10 Small Compasses. Chances are that the place you are looking for the geocache is somewhere you and other searchers have never been before.

What is geocaching and how does it work?

Geocaching is a type of global treasure hunt of people looking for cache s, or hidden stashes of objects. Geocaching may also be described as a series of hide-and-seek games, where hiders provide online clues for seekers. Seekers use global positioning system (GPS) devices to find hidden caches. Caches are the hidden treasure.

What is a muggled geocache?

If a geocache has been vandalized or stolen, it is said to have been “muggled”. The former term plays off the fact that those not familiar with geocaching are called muggles, a term borrowed from the Harry Potter series of books which was rising in popularity at the same time geocaching got its start.

What is an Offset cache in geocaching?

An Offset cache is a multi-cache in which the initial coordinates are for a location containing information that encodes the final cache coordinates. An example would be to direct the finder to a plaque where the digits of a date on the plaque correspond to coordinates of the final cache.

What is Paperless geocaching?

Coordinates for a geocache can be downloaded onto a GPS receiver and found, without the need for a printout. Paperless geocaching means hunting a geocache without a physical printout of the cache description.