What does SF mean?

Acronym Definition
SF Science Fiction
SF Square Foot/Feet
SF Source Forge (web site)
SF San Francisco (California)

What is SF in business?

Service & Finance. SF. Stowage Factor. showing only Business & Finance definitions (show all 172 definitions)

What does SF mean music?

Dynamic marking and meaning

Dynamic marking Meaning
f Forte: loud
mf Mezzo forte: fairly loud
mp Mezzo piano: fairly quiet
sf Sforzando: sudden accent

What does pp mean?


What does SF mean in social media?

SFS is an acronym with a few different meanings. On Instagram, #SFS is a hashtag that indicates a user is looking for a shoutout for shoutout or spam for spam, which is a way to cross promote posts on the platform.

How do you abbreviate sqft?

The common abbreviations for square feet are: ft² sq. ft. sqft SF The most common of these abbreviations is sq. ft.

What is PP time?

The abbreviation PP refers to probabilistic polynomial time. It is guaranteed to run in polynomial time. If the answer is YES, the algorithm will answer YES with probability more than 1/2.

Is SF louder than F?

mp, standing for mezzo-piano, meaning “moderately quiet”. mf, standing for mezzo-forte, meaning “moderately loud”. più p, standing for più piano and meaning “more quiet”….Dynamic markings.

Name Letters Level
fortissimo ff very loud
forte f loud
mezzo-forte mf average
mezzo-piano mp

What is K in engineering?

k. Boltzmann’s constant. Technology, Electronics, Electonics. Technology, Electronics, Electonics.

What does SF mean in food?

sugar free diet

What is the Fullform of PP?

What does pp mean? Per Procurationem (p.p. or pp) is used to indicate that a person is signing a document or letter on behalf of another person. Per procurationem is a Latin phrase meaning “on behalf of” or “by the agency of” or “acting as the representative of”.

What does SF mean in engineering?

SF in Construction

5 SF Square Foot Drawings, Technology, Architecture
1 SF Semi-finished + 1 variant Technology, Architectural, Architecture
1 SF Semi-Finished Engineering, Architectural
1 SF SQUARE FEET (FOOT) Drawing, Design, Architecture
1 SF Steel Frame Building, Technology, Business

What is SQ in engineering drawing?

“BSC SQ” is an abbreviation for “Basic square”. “Basic” has a specific meaning defined in the dimensioning and tolerancing standard (ASME Y14. “Square” simply means that the feature is square, so there is no need to clutter the drawing with an extra dimension for the perpendicular direction.