What general products are covered by the Canada Product safety Act?

The new law applies to a wide variety of consumer products including children’s toys, household products and sporting goods, but excludes products like motor vehicles and their integral parts, food, drugs (including natural health products) and animals as these are regulated by other Canadian laws.

What are regulated goods in Canada?

Controlled goods are primarily goods, including components and technical data that have military or national security significance, which are controlled domestically by the Government of Canada and defined in the Defence Production Act .

What products are prohibited in Canada?

Partial List of Banned Products in Canada under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

  • Baby Walkers.
  • Infant Self-Feeding Devices.
  • Jequirity beans or anything that is made with jequirity beans.
  • Lawn Darts with Elongated Tips.
  • Polycarbonate Baby Bottles containing bisphenol A (BPA)

Can you sell cribs in Canada?

Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets It is illegal to sell cribs that do not meet the current regulatory requirements. Cribs manufactured before September 1986 likely do not meet these requirements and should therefore not be sold.

What is the Consumer Protection Act Canada?

In terms of statutory protections, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (“CPSA”) prohibits the manufacture, import and sale of products that pose a danger to human health or safety. The prohibition also extends to any advertising, packaging or labelling that may mislead consumers as to the safety of the product.

What is a consumer product in Canada?

Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) a “consumer product” is defined as a product, including its components, parts or accessories that may reasonably be expected to be obtained by an individual to be used for non-commercial purposes, including for domestic, recreational and sports purposes, and includes …

Does ITAR apply to Canada?

Canadian Exemption under ITAR The Canadian Exemption (ITAR §126.5) allows U.S. suppliers to export licence-free certain less sensitive, unclassified ITAR-controlled materiel and services to Canadian recipients registered under Canada’s Controlled Goods Program.

What is CGP and ITAR clearance?

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a registration and compliance program that regulates access to Controlled Goods, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) items, in Canada.

Are lawn darts illegal to own in Canada?

In Canada, lawn darts caused at least 55 serious injuries. They were banned for sale in the country from July 1989. The sale of second-hand lawn darts is also illegal under the Hazardous Products Act.

What do I do with my old crib Canada?

If you’ve had a crib, cradle or bassinet for a while, you will need to:

  1. replace the mattress if it’s worn out or too soft.
  2. check that all wood and metal parts: are free of splinters or burrs and other defects. have a smooth finish and no sharp edges and points.
  3. destroy it if it’s damaged or has missing parts.

Do cribs expire in Canada?

Also, cribs older than ten years are more likely to have broken, worn, loose or missing parts, and to be missing warnings or instructions. As of December 29, 2016, the sale, importation, manufacture or advertisement of traditional drop-side cribs is prohibited.