What happened in chapter 10 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 10: Scheveningen At The Hague, a building used as Gestapo headquarters in Holland, the ten Boom family faces endless questioning. Father is offered pardon if he promises to discontinue helping Jews. However, he proudly states he will continue to help anyone who is in need and who is denied freedom.

What happened in chapter one of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 1: The One Hundredth Birthday Party All morning, bouquets of flowers are delivered to the house from people who love Corrie’s father, and she and her sister Betsie arrange them for the party. Hans, the apprentice, and Toos, the bookkeeper, arrive. Only Corrie and Betsie still live at home.

What is the summary of the hiding place?

The Hiding Place is a nonfiction memoir about Corrie ten Boom’s experiences in World War II. A bestseller after its publication in 1971, it tells the story of how ten Boom and her sister, two unmarried women in their 50s, became involved with the Dutch underground during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

What happened in chapter 2 of the hiding place?

In chapter two, Corrie flashes back to her childhood. In 1898, she was six years old, and living with her older sisters in the Beje. Betsie, the eldest, already suffers from anemia. The family lives a simple life, preferring to help others, though the watch shop makes little money.

What happens to Corrie and the other prisoners?

What happens to Corrie and the other prisoners? Corrie is assigned to the Phillips factory to make radios and electrical compounds (arranges piles of glass rods by length) and Betsie is assigned to sew prison uniforms. The workers are supervised by a prisoner-foreman who is sympathetic to the prisoner’s plight.

What happens to Corrie after they interrogate her?

Corrie is called back after her interrogation because she has to be present at the reading of her father’s will. During her family reunion at her father’s will reading Corrie learns the circumstances of her father’s death, and more details of how the hidden Jews from the Beje have escaped.

What was the heart of the home in the hiding place?

According to Corrie, what was the “heart” of their home? Their dining room.

Who dies in Chapter 3 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 3: Karel Tante Bep contracts tuberculosis, and Mama is sick with gallstones and strokes. When Corrie asks how they might make Tante Bep happier, Mama tells Corrie that happiness is something we make inside ourselves. After Tante Bep dies, Tante Jans learns she has diabetes.

What are the main events in the hiding place?

Oct 12, 1918. Corrie’s mother falls into coma.

  • Oct 12, 1919. Nollie’s Wedding.
  • Oct 17, 1921. Mother’s Death.
  • Period: Oct 12, 1925 to Oct 12, 1944. Ten Boom’s foster Jewish children.
  • Jan 12, 1937. Watch shop’s 100th birthday.
  • Feb 12, 1939. Christoffel’s Abuse.
  • Feb 12, 1939. Radio Broadcast/ The Invasion.
  • Oct 12, 1943.
  • What happens when Corrie sees the deceased infant?

    What happens when Corrie sees the dead infant? When the time comes for certain things (like death), we will look into our hearts and find the strength we need – just in time. He compares it to the train ticket because he always gives it to her as they get on the train so she doesn’t lose it before.

    What is Ravensbruck in the hiding place?

    The women realize with horror that this is Ravensbruck, the “notorious women’s extermination camp.” As they approach, Corrie thinks about the Bible concealed inside her clothes. It seems unimaginable that God designed his teachings for this cruel world.

    What is the summary of the book The Hiding Place?

    The Hiding Place is the story of Corrie ten Boom’s life as a middle-aged woman in Holland during World War II. She was an active member of the resistance, harboring Jews in her home, the Beje. Her story begins when she is a child, but quickly progresses to her adulthood. The main plot is Corrie’s work helping Jews.

    What is the Beje in the book The Hiding Place?

    The Beje. The Hiding Place is the story of the ten Boom family during World War II. It is Corrie ‘s personal memoir of the events that she experienced. And it is also a personal statement of her faith as a Christian. The story of The Hiding Place opens in 1937 with the 100th birthday of the watch shop.

    What is the book The Hiding Place?

    The author of The Hiding Place is Corrie Ten Boom. The Hiding Place was published by Bantam Books . There are 241 pages in The Hiding Place. The genre of The Hiding Place is a biography. The setting of this story is in Haarlem , Holland, in the Beje and the prisons such as Scheveningen , Vught and Ravensbruck .

    Where did Corrie ten Boom Live?

    Corrie ten Boom was born on 15 April 1892 to a working class family in Amsterdam, Netherlands, near Haarlem.