What is 400ZR (400-zr)?

Aimed predominantly at short-reach, single-span fiber optic links for Data Center Interconnect (DCI), 400ZR is an interoperable networking Implementation Agreement (IA) released by the OIF in March 2020 .

What is reishauer automation?

The Reishauer machine sets a fast production pace, with the part loading automation in perfect phase. Whether shafts or disk-type parts, the Reishauer automation is the ideal extension of the machine.

Why choose the reishauer group?

Today, the Reishauer Group is the solution supplier for the manufacture of gears. By bringing together competencies covering products, processes and technologies, we can ensure efficient and high-quality gear manufacturing across the whole process chain.

What kind of grinding machine does reishauer make?

Gear grinding machine RZ160 KWS 4.0, generating gear grinder featuring small diameter threaded wheel for the grinding of interfering gear part contours. Reishauer makes it possible to manufacture efficient, quiet-running and durable transmissions.