What is a Kempo?

Kempos are fighting techniques that allow us to build our Defensive, Offensive, and Counter-Offensive Strategies in our martial arts development. Kempos are the means for us to understand what our strengths and preferences are with regards to Self-Defense, and to grow and develop our strong points.

What do you learn in Kempo martial arts?

You will learn the basics of fighting and self-defence from a variety of armed and unarmed combat. Kempo is a mixture of karate kickboxing, judo, Jiu Jitsu and even hapkido. Kempo is the best of the best of all the martial arts combined into one. Some of the weapons you will learn to defend against are a grab, knife and gun.

What is the relationship between the training topics in Kempo?

The best way to understand the relationship of all the training topics is with the following example: – The Kempo Education is like raw material (ex. Wood, Nails, Drywall, Paint, etc…). The raw material must be high quality, or anything built from it will not be dependable.

What is keykempo education?

Kempo Education (also referred to as Fundamentals or Basics) are the foundation to all Kempo Training. Without truly understanding every aspect of the fundamentals, the student can never develop into a quality Martial Artist.