What is a stop tailpiece on a guitar?

A Stop tailpiece is a separate bar, mounted on the body behind a movable or fixed bridge that holds the strings. The advantage of a Stoptail bridge is greater tuning stability than a tremolo bar and takes advantage of the resonance of the body of the guitar provided by direct transmission of string vibration.

What are violin tailpieces made of?

Violin tailpieces are typically made of wood: ebony, rosewood, boxwood, or rarely pernambuco. Other materials include cast light metal, and composites including plastic.

Should I top wrap my strings?

The first reason that a lot of players cite that prefer top wrapping is that they get a little bit more string slinkiness. You have strings going over the top of it at tension which is not normally what happens with these tailpieces. So it is possible that you could get a little bit of scuffing.

Is through body stringing better?

The biggest benefit of the string through bridge design is improved resonance and sustain. The string is able to vibrate longer, which may give a richer, warmer sound. I should say that there are many ways to get sustain on a guitar, having a string through body is just one of them!

Do professional cellists use fine tuners?

They don’t need fine tuners. But even on a violin with perlon or gut strings, the E string is almost always a steel string, and therefore has a fine tuner in the tailpiece. Most classical players use gut or perlon strings, with a steel E string, and therefore have just the one fine tuner on the tailpiece.

How much is a violin tailpiece?

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What are the specs of the TonePros locking stop bar tailpiece?

Economy stop tailpiece, with metric studs & anchors, 3-1/4″ stud spacing. The TonePros Locking Stop Bar Tailpiece T1ZS features standard US threads that fit most USA guitars. Specs: locking stop tailpiece 3-1/4″ stud s… Trapeze tailpiece, 1-7/8 string spacing, 6″ long.

How far apart are the studs on a stopstop bar tailpiece?

Stop bar tailpiece, with USA thread studs & anchors, 3-1/4″ stud spacing. *Designed for use on arch top electric guitars Specs: Model Name: B7 Series: Original Kalamazoo Line Manufacturing Method: Cast Manufacturing Mat…

What materials are used to make stop tailpieces?

KlusonĀ® U.S. made stop tailpieces for both modern and vintage applications. Choose from Aluminum, Steel, Bell Brass, or Zinc in a Chrome, Black, Gold, or Nickel finish.

How long is the tailpiece on a Bigsby B7 vibrato?

Trapeze tailpiece, larger 4-hole plate for thick bodies, 2″ string spacing, 5-5/8″ long. Now you can install a Bigsby B7 Vibrato on your arch top guitar without drilling any holes! The Vibramate V7-335 Model Mounting Kit is designed fo…