What is AIS on Navionics?

AIS is a feature of the Boating app that will increase your situational awareness on the water, in heavy traffic areas and with low visibility since it displays vessels and navigational aids around you.

Does Navionics work without cell service?

Since the app works on phones and tablets, you can plan your activities from wherever you are. If you want to use the app without Wi-Fi, all you need to do is download the maps beforehand for the area you are interested in. Charts, GPS location and most features can be used offline.

Can Navionics show AIS?

By far the biggest news this month, is that the hugely popular Navionics Boating App now supports live AIS data over Wi-Fi. This means, that any of Digital Yacht’s wireless AIS units will now provide live AIS data for the app to overlay on the Navionics charts.

Do you have to activate Navionics card?

A one-year subscription is included when you purchase a new Navionics® card. It offers daily chart updates and advanced features. All you have to do is activate your subscription through the Chart Installer. Older cards can be activated too, and this will allow you to access discounted subscription renewals.

Which is better Navionics or C map?

Navionics is better than C-Map for typical use by recreational boaters due to its local details and community functions. C-Map is better than Navionics when used in some niche cases, like fishing in new areas, or worldwide cruising.

What is Navionics+ and do I need It?

Navionics+ is the advanced features of the Navionics app. I let it expire a year or two ago and don’t miss it, you just don’t get the daily updates they claim are so great. Navionics+ is the advanced features of the Navionics app.

Why is The Navionics+ chip only $15?

The $15 is to cover your first year. That’s my understanding anyway. To put it in perspective, the Navionics+ chip for a chart plotter cost nearly $200. When you buy it, it’s yours to keep, no subscription.

What sonar Logs does Navionics accept?

Navionics accepts sonar logs recorded with the vast majority of sonar/plotter brands and mobile devices. Sonar logs contributed by boaters are integrated into SonarChart to reflect ever-changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms. The Navionics Chart Installer requires Windows® 7 or higher or Mac® OS X 10.12 or higher. First time here?

How much did you pay for Navionics?

If it makes you feel better, I paid $45 for the initial Navionics release on iPhone, then it dropped to $9.99 for everything and my $45 was obsolete. The yearly renewal started a little over a year ago.