What is another way to say side by side?

side by side

  • abreast.
  • alongside.
  • beside.
  • cheek by jowl.
  • cheek to cheek.
  • juxtaposing.
  • parallel.
  • shoulder to shoulder.

Can you do things side by side?

If people work or live side by side, they work or live closely together in a friendly way.

How do you use side by side in a sentence?

The two girls stood side by side. We rode side by side through the forest. The two tribes had lived peacefully side by side for centuries.

What is side by side Meaning?

1 : beside one another walking side by side. 2 : in the same place, time, or circumstance lived peacefully side by side for many years.

Is side by side an idiom?

ˌside by ˈside (with somebody/something) 1 close together and facing in the same direction: The two dogs lay side by side on the floor. ♢ There were two children ahead, walking side by side. 2 together, without any difficulties: Party members fought side by side with trade unionists for a change in the law.

Who originally sang side by side?

Harry M. Woods
“Side by Side” is a popular song by Harry M. Woods written in 1927, and is now considered a standard….Side by Side (1927 song)

“Side by Side”
Published 1927
Recorded 1927
Songwriter(s) Harry M. Woods

What is a Sise by side?

The side-by-side (SxS or SSV), also called a utility task vehicle (UTV) or recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV), is a small, 1- to 6-person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle.

What is the scientific word for at the side?

Oblique. Vertical. Periphery​ aadityabhargav70 is waiting for your help.

How do you spell side by sides?

Adjacent. Alternative spelling of side-by-side. (literally) Beside or alongside one another; close to one another and abreast.