What is Entente mean?

international understanding
Definition of entente 1 : an international understanding providing for a common course of action. 2 [French entente cordiale] : a coalition of parties to an entente.

How do you use Entente in a sentence?

1. The two leaders signed a treaty of entente and cooperation. 2. The French entente with Great Britain had already been significantly extended.

What is the meaning of entente powers?

n. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the understanding between Britain, France, and Russia that developed between 1894 and 1907 and counterbalanced the Triple Alliance of 1882. The Entente became a formal alliance on the outbreak of World War I and was ended by the Russian Revolution in 1917.

How do you pronounce Gavrilo?

Phonetic spelling of gavrilo

  1. gavri-lo.
  2. g-ah-v-r-IH-l-oh.
  3. Gav-rilo.

What is the difference between Entente and alliance?

Alliances are properly formal agreements between nations that call for specific joint action and responses to given political situations. Entente, properly used, describes a far deeper relationship between nations than either alliance or coalition.

Who was in the Entente?

Triple Entente, association between Great Britain, France, and Russia, the nucleus of the Allied Powers in World War I.

What does the name Entente mean?

n. 1. An agreement between two or more governments or powers for cooperative action or policy: “the economic entente between the Soviet Union and western Europe” (Robert W. Tucker). 2. The parties to such an agreement. [French, from Old French, intent, from feminine past participle of entendre, to understand, intend; see intend .]

What does Entente mean in French?

noun, plural en·tentes [ahn-tahnts; French ahn-tahnt] . an arrangement or understanding between two or more nations agreeing to follow a particular policy with regard to affairs of international concern. an alliance of parties to such an understanding. Complete info about it can be read here.

How to pronounce Triple Entente?

Pronunciation of entente with 1 audio pronunciations 2 ratings rating ratings International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) IPA : ɑːnˈtɑːnt

What is the opposite of Entente?

exacerbation. resumption of hostilities. Noun. . Opposite of a period of time in which no fighting takes place due to an agreement between the opposed parties. continuation. disagreement. fight. fighting.