What is my proxy server IP address?

Windows: Run a search and open Internet Options and select the Connections tab in that window. Clicking LAN Settings shows your proxy server address and more details about your current network configuration.17

How do I connect to HTTP?

The HTTP CONNECT method starts two-way communications with the requested resource. It can be used to open a tunnel. For example, the CONNECT method can be used to access websites that use SSL (HTTPS). The client asks an HTTP Proxy server to tunnel the TCP connection to the desired destination.17

Can http connect to https?

If a web server is configured to redirect you to https://example.com from any http://example.com request, there is nothing you can do. The server will not respond to HTTP. If it was possible for someone to force the use of HTTP when the server only accepts HTTPS, this would constitute a huge security flaw.

What is cyber crime against individual?

A. Cybercrimes committed against persons include various crimes like transmission of child pornography, harassment using e-mails and cyber-stalking. Posting and distributing obscene material is one of the most important Cybercrimes known today.

What are the four main tunneling protocols?

Types of VPN tunneling protocols The most commonly used tunneling protocols in the VPN industry are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and OpenVPN – and the world’s best VPN services should offer most or all of them.15

How do I get HTTP proxy?

Instructions for FireFox 2

  1. Select the Tools Menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Connection Settings.
  4. Select Manual Proxy Configuration.
  5. Check Use the same proxy for all protocols.
  6. Enter the IP address for the HTTP proxy server.
  7. Enter the port of the HTTP proxy server.
  8. Click Okay.

How do I use HTTP tunnel?

To set up HTTP tunnel:

  1. On the Database Explorer toolbar, click the New Connection button. The Database Connection Properties dialog box opens.
  2. Switch to the HTTP tab and select Use HTTP tunnel.
  3. Select Keep connection alive to make the web server preserve the created connection open between requests.