What is the biggest gang in Oklahoma?

the Hoover Crips
The largest gang in the area is the Hoover Crips. Their main sets are the 107, 54,63, 57 and 27. Most of their disputes are with the Neighborhood Crips involving homicides, shootings and fights at the schools.

What does gang task force do?

These task forces pursue violent gangs through sustained, proactive, coordinated investigations to obtain prosecutions on violations such as racketeering, drug conspiracy, and firearms violations.

Is Piru a nation?

Pirus identify with burgundy as their color, but they also wear red for their Bloods alliance….Pirus.

Founded 1969
Allies Black P. Stones, Norte 14, Latin Kings, United Blood Nation NYC, People Nation (Midwest)
Rivals Crips, Hoover Criminals, Asian Boyz, Folk Nation (Midwest)

How many gang members are there in the United States?

More than 20,000 gangs consisting of approximately 1 million members exist in the United States; gangs are present in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories.

Who are the gangs in Tulsa?

Folk Nation Gangster Disciples are becoming more prevalent in Tulsa and most are aligning with the Crip sets. In the past few years Tulsa has seen a huge increase in the Hispanic gangs. Most of the gangs members are connected to the Surenos and recently seeing more Nortenos tagging.

How big is the gang problem in Oklahoma City?

The Central Region consists not only of Oklahoma City but also the surrounding suburban cities such as, Midwest City, Del City, Norman and Edmond to name a few. The gang problem has spread into every one of these communities. We have over 100 different gang sets in the area with an estimated gang population of 8,000.

Are the Hoover Crips in Tulsa?

During the summer of 2008 Tulsa saw 4 gang related murders involving the Hoover Crips, Neighborhood Crips and the Bloods. Tulsa Crips and Blood gangs are not traditionally turf based.

What are the gangs in the southwest region?

The seven gangs are Crips, Bloods / Piru, Folk Nation, Peoples Nation, Sureno’s, Outlaw Motorcycle Bikers (OMG), and White Supremacist. In the Southwest Region, gangs are not traditionally territorial or turf based. Gangs will travel from city to city. Gang members are using Social Media to communicate and do business.