What is the genre of Pictures at an Exhibition?

Pictures at an Exhibition, musical work in 10 movements by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky that was inspired by a visit to an art exhibition. Each of the movements represents one of the drawings or artworks on display.

What are the paintings in Pictures at an Exhibition?

These were based on two paintings, both which Mussorgsky owned and had lent to the retrospective. The exhibition catalogue reads: “Interior of Paris catacombs with figures of Hartmann, the architect Kenel, and the guide holding a lamp”.

Which art rock band is known for taking classical pieces like Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and orchestrating them for a rock band?

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performing in 1971 If you were a teenager shopping for albums in late 1971, all you needed to know about Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”—a rock interpretation of Modest Mussorgsky’s 1874 work of the same name—was that Keith Emerson played five different keyboards.

What key is Pictures at an Exhibition?


No. Title in score Key
Promenade B♭ major
1 Gnomus (Latin) E♭ minor
Promenade A♭ major
2 Il vecchio castello (Italian) G♯ minor

Who composed Pictures at an Exhibition?

Modest Mussorgsky
Pictures at an Exhibition/Composers

About a year later, Mussorgsky composed Pictures at an Exhibition. Completed in only twenty days, Pictures was originally a set of short pieces for piano in which Mussorgsky depicted himself walking through the exhibition and contemplating Hartmann’s works.

How long did it take Mussorgsky to finish his Pictures at an Exhibition?

Petersburg. After walking through the galleries, Mussorgsky was inspired to compose a piece of music that captured the experience in sound. He completed the work in only twenty days. Pictures at an Exhibition was initially conceived of as a ten-movement suite for piano.

What is pictures from an exhibition by Mussorgsky?

Pictures at an Exhibition. “Pictures from an Exhibition – A Remembrance of Viktor Hartmann “; French: Tableaux d’une exposition) is a suite of ten pieces (plus a recurring, varied Promenade) composed for piano by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky in 1874.

What is the name of the book that contains pictures of Mussorgsky?

Mussorgsky, M., Pictures from an Exhibition (score), edited by N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Saint-Petersburg: V. Bessel & Co., 1886 Orga, Ates, “Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition on record”.

When was Mussorgsky’s “Mussorgski” composed?

It was the year 1931 when Mussorgsky’s exact composition got published. The movements in Pictures at an Exhibition attempt to record Viktor Hartmann’s artistic displays in the form of music. A part of the music may have also been based on paintings privately displayed to Mussorgsky by Hartmann.

What are some of the best pieces composed by Mussorgsky?

In all honesty, Mussorgsky composed some of the best pieces in his time, of which, Pictures at an Exhibition stands out as an achievement in itself, with its wide spectrum of variations.