What is the Singapore Flyer?

Singapore Flyer Tickets Guide Launched in 2018, the Singapore Flyeris a giant observation wheel. This massive attraction, measuring about 165 m in height, is one of the world’s tallest Ferris Wheels. It comprises 28 air-conditioned capsules, each that can accommodate up to 28 passengers.

Can Friends of Singapore Flyer corporate members pre-select time slots?

Pre-selecting of time slots is not required for friends of Singapore Flyer Corporate Members. Simply present your Corporate Membership Card (s), authorisation letter and a valid staff ID at the Time Capsule Entrance on Level 1 for admission.

Is the Singapore Flyer + time capsule worth it?

Review for: [SRV Eligible] Singapore Flyer + Time Capsule Tickets (NEW!) Magnificent views when it was at the peak position you may see beautiful areas at eagle angles. Time capsule was very educational for the kids as they learnt the history of Singapore.

What is included in the Singapore Flyer gift packages?

Singapore Flyer + Time Capsule (New!) Singapore Flyer Ticket Time Capsule (New!) Singapore Flyer Sky Dining Candyland in the Sky Yoga in the Sky Festive Buddy Packages Singapore Sling Experience Premium Champagne Experience Private Capsules Gift Certificates

Is Singapore Flyer affected by inclement weather?

For the safety of our guests, Singapore Flyer flight operations may be temporarily suspended in the event of inclement weather. Our new attraction, Time Capsule, will remain open.

Is there a car park at Singapore Flyer?

Yes, the Singapore Flyer offers multi-storey car park with 284 lots and 3 handicapped lots, and a special coach bay for 25 tour buses as well. A nominal fee will be required to avail of this facility. Are washrooms available at the Singapore Flyer? Guests are advised to use the restroom before boring their flight.

What can you bring into the Singapore Flyer capsule?

Small bags such as ladies’ handbags, camera bags, and pouches are allowed. However, guests carrying bulky items such as strollers and luggage bags will be asked to leave them at the Flight Entrance before entering the capsule. What is the maximum capacity of each Singapore Flyer capsule?

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What makes Singapore Flyer a masterpiece of urban architecture and engineering?

At 165 metres tall, Singapore Flyer is a masterpiece of urban architecture and engineering that showcases not only the mesmerizing cosmopolitan cityscape of the tropical Lion City, but even the surrounding islands of Indonesia and parts of Malaysia in all their glory.

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