What makes the Roland FR-8X unique?

With the incredible new FR-8x, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power.

How do I charge the FR-8X?

The FR-8x is a totally self-contained instrument, complete with a rechargeable onboard battery and built-in stereo amplification system. Battery charging is accomplished simply by connecting the included AC adapter directly to the FR-8x, and you can play without interruption during the charging process.

What is the FR-8X V-Accordion?

Seamlessly fusing top-level technology with familiar acoustic tradition, the FR-8x V-Accordion ushers in a new era of creative freedom for players everywhere. Introducing the FR-8x V-Accordion. Take a guided tour of the FR-8x V-Accordion.

What is the fr-4x sound expansion set?

This is a sound expansion set that contains orchestra sounds for keyboard instruments. This is a sound expansion set that contains orchestra sounds and accordion sounds that are easy to use in music from Eastern Europe (especially the Balkan countries). * This is preloaded in the FR-4x.

What is dynamic bellows behavior in the FR-8X?

In the FR-8x, Dynamic Bellows Behavior automatically adjusts the air transfer in the bellows in real time based on the selected register and the number of notes played, accurately replicating the familiar and comfortable bellows feel of an acoustic accordion.

What does the USB port on the FR-8X do?

The USB COMPUTER port on the side panel opens up the world of modern music production to accordionists, providing the ability to easily connect the FR-8x to a computer and use it with popular MIDI software as a unique, expressive controller and a powerful sound engine. Piano type/Button type 120 bass buttons velocity sensitive.