What order should I read Tim Dorsey?

A series by Tim Dorsey

  1. Florida Roadkill (1999)
  2. Hammerhead Ranch Motel (2000)
  3. Orange Crush (2001)
  4. Triggerfish Twist (2002)
  5. The Stingray Shuffle (2003)
  6. Cadillac Beach (2004)
  7. Torpedo Juice (2005)
  8. The Big Bamboo (2006)

Does Tim Dorsey have a new book coming out?

Mermaid Confidential is the newest and 25th book in the long-running Serge Storms series of books by Florida author Tim Dorsey.

How old is Serge storms?

Serge was born during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He might age in real time. In Triggerfish Twist, Serge has turned 35. Nine books later, in Hurricane Punch, he’s 44.

What was the first Tim Dorsey book?

Florida Roadkill
Tim Dorsey Books Dorsey worked as a journalist until 1999 when he published his first novel Florida Roadkill and quit his job in order to write full time.

What kind of books does Tim Dorsey write?

Tim Dorsey was a reporter and editor for the Tampa Tribune from 1987 to 1999 and is the author of ten previous novels: Florida Roadkill, Hammerhead Ranch Motel, Orange Crush, Triggerfish Twist, The Stingray Shuffle, Cadillac Beach, Torpedo Juice, The Big Bamboo, Hurricane Punch, and Atomic Lobster.

What genre is Tim Dorsey?

Tim Dorsey (born January 25, 1961) is a Floridan author known for his series of ‘comedic crime novels’ mostly taking place in and around his home state.

Is there an order to read Steve Cavanagh books?

While the Steve Cavanagh books can be read in order of publication, the author wrote them so that they can easily be standalones. So if you start with the second book and then go back to the first, you won’t lose all that much.

What book comes after hoot?

Publication Order of Juvenile Books

Hoot (2002) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Flush (2005) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Scat (2009) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Chomp (2012) Hardcover Paperback Kindle
Squirm (2018) Hardcover Paperback Kindle

How many books are in the Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta series?

12 Books
Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta Series 12 Books Set Collection – Paperback – Fiction.

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