What part of Germany is closest to France?

STRASBOURG, France (AP) — Strasbourg is the capital of France’s Alsace region and just a two-hour train ride from Paris. But it’s also just 2 miles (3 km) from the border of Germany, and a popular port call for cruises down the Rhine River.

Which German city borders France?

Strasbourg is the ultimate European city. It has flavors of both France and Germany and sits right on the border of the two countries in the new Grand Est region of France. Geographically strategic, it was fought over for centuries between the French and Germans and Alsace and Lorraine.

Does France have a border with Germany?

The France–Germany border (French: Frontière entre l’Allemagne et la France; German: Grenze zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich) separates the boundaries of France and Germany and has a length of 450 km (280 mi). About half of the length runs along the Rhine.

Is Germany north of France?

France borders Belgium and Luxembourg in the northeast, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in the east, the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco, Spain, and Andorra in the south. France also shares maritime borders with the United Kingdom.

Does the Rhine River separate France and Germany?

The Alpine section of the Rhine lies in Switzerland, and below Basel the river forms the boundary between western Germany and France, as far downstream as the Lauter River.

Where is France located on map?


What are the states of Germany?

List of German States. Baden – Wurttemberg Map. Bavaria (Bayern) Map. Berlin. Brandenburg. Bremen. Hamburg. Hesse (Hessen)

How many regions are there in France?

This map shows the regions of continental France, with their borders superimposed on a relief satellite photo, enhanced from an original by NASA. These are the 22 historic regions (1982 – 2015) of mainland France. The 22 were reduced to 13 in Jan 2016 by the merging of certain regions.

How many countries border Germany?

Germany borders 9 countries, all easy to get to by rail: Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Czech Republic, and Poland. Germany has coastline on the North Sea and the Baltic.

What are the 10 German cities in Germany?

1 Baden – Wurttemberg Map 2 Bavaria (Bayern) Map 3 Berlin 4 Brandenburg 5 Bremen 6 Hamburg 7 Hesse (Hessen) 8 Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) 9 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 10 North Rhine – Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen)