What ZIP code is 19040?

HorshamWillow GroveHeatonWestbury

What is Hatboro area code?

Area code 267
Hatboro/Area codes

When was Hatboro founded?

The Borough of Hatboro is a 1.5 square mile town located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Hatboro was established in the year 1715 named after early resident John Dawson’s profession: hat manufacturing.

What is the ZIP code for Willow Grove Pa?

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What is the zip code for Warrington PA?

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What is the zip code for Warminster PA?

Warminster Township/Zip codes

Why is Hatboro called Hatboro?

Early resident John Dawson entertained guests at the Crooked Billet Inn as well as manufacturing a line of hats. When the post office opened in 1809 the town was officially called Hatborough. U.S. Postmaster General John Wanamaker officially changed the name of the town in the 1880s to Hatboro.

Is Hatboro PA A good place to live?

Is Hatboro, PA Safe? The A grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city. Hatboro is in the 91st percentile for safety, meaning 9% of cities are safer and 91% of cities are more dangerous.

What is the zip code for Huntingdon Valley PA?

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What area code is Warrington PA?

Warrington, PA Covers 1 ZIP Code

ZIP Code Type Area Code(s)
18976 Standard 215 / 267 / 445

What is Doylestown zip code?

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Where is Hatboro PA?

The Borough of Hatboro is a small municipality that is surrounded by Upper Moreland Township in Montgomery County to the west, south, and east; and Warminster Township in Bucks County to the north. The Pennypack Creek runs through the center of town under Pennsylvania Route 263 (York Road) and through the municipality.

What does hathatboro mean?

Hatboro (knowing locally as the Boro) is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States.

Does Xfinity have service in Hatboro PA?

Cable, telephone, and internet service to the area is provided by Xfinity and Verizon. Hatboro is served by area codes 215, 267, and 445. Roy Cornell — Representative for Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 152 from 1979 until his death in 2004.

How many police officers does Hatboro Pa have?

The Hatboro Police Department is composed of the Chief of Police, five Sergeants, eight Patrol Officers, three Police Operations Clerks, a Secretary, and five school crossing guards. Fire protection in Hatboro is provided by the Enterprise Fire Company of Hatboro, a volunteer fire company.