Where are Swarovski binoculars made?

Swarovski’s culture • Swarovski is a family-run business, which makes crystal glass as well as sport optics. All its binoculars are made in Austria. The Swarovski website says the company is committed to courageous innovation and to creating objects that will last and serve for a lifetime.

How do I adjust my Swarovski binoculars?

Look through the left ocular with your left eye and turn the focusing wheel to focus sharply on a selected object. Pull the focusing wheel outwards….Use with equal acuity of both eyes:

  1. Pull the focusing wheel outwards.
  2. By turning the focusing wheel, set the dioptric scale to “0”.
  3. Push the focusing wheel back in.

Is Swarovski and Swarovski Optik the same?

SWAROVSKI OPTIK, together with the Crystal business unit and Tyrolit, the manufacturer of grinding materials and tools, is part of the Swarovski Group which is wholly owned by the Swarovski family.

What is the difference between Swarovski SLC and EL binoculars?

The SLCs are brighter in the twilight hours than the EL’s but more importantly seem to have more contrast. The EL’s coatings are aimed at clarity and true color.

What are Swarovski SLC 8×30 WB binoculars?

These Swarovski SLC 8×30 WB Binoculars also come with Swarovski’s Snap Shot Adapter that enables you to connect your digital camera to the binoculars and take surprisingly good quality photos even at long distances, this is called Digibinning.

Are Swarovski binoculars any good?

The SLC (Slim Light Compact) range from Swarovski are one of the most popular high-end binoculars in the world. This is because they still feature many of the best features of even the most expensive Swarovski models, yet the have managed to keep the price at a level that appeals to far more people.

What are the best binoculars for birding?

The 8×30 SLC is ideal for anyone looking for a more compact binocular, perfect for birding and general use. As the name suggests, they are Slim, Light an Compact and the 8x magnification is strong enough to get you close into the action, but still with plenty of field of view.

What are SLC binoculars?

The HD optical system in SLC binoculars produces an extremely high-contrast image with natural colors and razor-sharp outlines. These binoculars enable you to make out crucial details even better.